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November 03, 2006


Thank You Steve Sheldon!

Thank you Steve Sheldon for helping to build awareness of Mike Alvarez's hipocrisy to the public! The PUBLIC DESERVES to know THE TRUTH!


I hope you're right about Cavecche winning...but then again, you usually are! Alvarez can not be trusted to carry through the demands and needs of the citizens of Orange.

Orange City Sunshine Club

Cavecche is going to kick his ass. Scott Taylor is the best in local races.

Hey Dennis B how many signs did you rip down last night ?


Important information to all you who care: Denis B. did in fact take down only one sign which was illegally made and put up in the first place - a "dumpdennis" sign. Campaign sign law is clear and one may not post anti signs against an opponent. True, Denis should have taken the proper channels to have it removed, but I certainly can understand his position. If you would truly like to see video of Carol R. and her husband illegally putting these signs up, check out:

Karen A Finn

Well LittleChittle let me tell you what I had to deal with today. Rudat's older daughter Stephanie Rudat that's who! I went to get a perscrption at CVS today and good old carol Rudat stuck her big old sign in front of my husband's Frank Finn little sign. (they are little people to).
Anyway I have always tried to be nice and not try to put Franks signs in front of anyone's to be Ethical and all you know?
So I called Rudat's campaign office that was on the internet and her daughter answered and boy oh boy did she lay into me saying I was being mean to her father. HER FATHER? Hmm is he running?
Probably because I endorsed Dennis. The way Carol and her family has been treating Dennis with the web sites and all in enough for me to endorse Dennis.
She has been treating him and now me like dirt! So Stephanie Rudat went wild and called my cell phone back, she wrote a letter to our web site. I have no clue why she thought he never knew anything about it he came right over and listened to her voice mail.
I moved Franks sign's away from Carol's to. I took pictures before and after to. I am keeping my cell phone voice mail to. I swear you stand up for Dennis and Carol’s whole family comes after you in full force let me tell you! I have proof on this one sorry Step. Before you start telling stories Stephanie Rudat back up them up! You started this one not me. I wanted to talk to your Mom you laid into me!


"Campaign sign law is clear"
What are you talking about?

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