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November 03, 2006


Is the Election over

Just a note:

From the 2000 election guide for Carolyn:
Key Endorsements

Orange City Councilman Mike Alvarez
Former Orange City Mayor Pro Tem Fred Barrera
1995 Orange Citizen of the Year Beverly Nestande

Note that she is proud to have Mike endorse her when she wasn't in the circle yet, and now look. Just keeping it real.

Is the Election over

Here is the link:

Is the Election over

For the records: Another blast from the past.
Friday, June 01,
2001 - 08:55 am:

Candidates for Orange Council DO NOT want an airport?

Mud Flies in Orange Race


Politics: City Council candidates Scott Steiner and Carolyn Cavecche paint
each other as pawns of special interests.

By EVAN HALPER, Times Staff Writer

The mailers once depicted her peering from behind a pile of lumber and accepting hefty donations from sinister developers.
Now Carolyn Cavecche, a conservative running for the Orange City Council in an officially nonpartisan election, is painted as a "liberal activist" in cahoots with like-minded operatives out to destroy the GOP. So is she a tree-hugger or a builder's pawn?
Whatever sticks.
Such is the state of politics in Orange. Cavecche is facing Scott Steiner in
a special election Tuesday to fill a seat left vacant after Councilman Mark
Murphy was elected mayor in November. The two candidates, who
campaigned in last fall's general election but failed to win enough votes to
gain a council seat outright, have nearly identical conservative platforms
and say mostly the same things on the stump.
But voters would never know that from the stinging mailers each
candidate is sending out.
Steiner, a deputy district attorney, warns that if Cavecche wins, the
council will be controlled by Shirley Grindle, a slow-growth advocate and
campaign finance watchdog.
Cavecche says that Steiner is a front man for supporters of a commercial
airport at El Toro.
It appeared for a while that the airport would be the dividing issue, with
Steiner in support and Cavecche against. Whoever is elected could tip the
scales on a council that's divided 2-2 on an El Toro airport.
But that dividing line has blurred.
Steiner is distancing himself from the Airport Working Group, a Newport
Beach-based organization that supports an El Toro airport--even though
the group spent $54,016 on mailers backing him and two other Orange
candidates in November's general election.
Steiner now says he opposes any plan that would bring flights over
Never mind that his father, a former county supervisor, kicked $15,000
into the Airport Working Group's mail campaign last time around. That
campaign included the fliers implying Cavecche was beholden to
"We knew nothing about that independent expenditure," said Frank
Caterinicchio, a Steiner campaign advisor. "If we had, we would have put
a stop to it.
"Scott was never on record in support of an airport," he said.
So is Steiner opposed to an El Toro airport? "I didn't say that,"
Caterinicchio said.
Cavecche, who says she is against the county's plan for El Toro without
exception, accuses Steiner of hedging because he is indebted to the
Airport Working Group. She describes him as a product of the "political
establishment" who moved back into town less than a year ago to
advance his political career.
Cavecche wants Steiner's boss, Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas, to
investigate allegations that Steiner used his office computer to compile
lists of contributors and e-mail another prosecutor about campaign
strategies. "I guess if you live in a politician's family, you can do whatever
you want," she said. Steiner says the charges are frivolous.
His campaign charges that Cavecche, a library commissioner and
stay-at-home mother, is a puppet of local activist Grindle. It sent out a
mailing accusing Cavecche of joining with Grindle to wage "campaigns of
personal destruction against Republican leaders."
"It is time people learned that liberal activist Shirley Grindle is trying to
control the Orange City Council," Caterinicchio said.
Grindle, an advisory member of the preservationist East Orange
Neighborhood Committee, did endorse Cavecche last fall, but she is
sitting out this race. "Why are they sending a hit piece out on me when I
am not running for office?" she asked.
The latest mailing accuses Grindle and Cavecche of teaming up to file a
lawsuit against Steiner in an effort to block him from listing his endorsers
on the campaign ballot. Grindle said she had nothing to do with that legal
action and is considering filing a libel suit against the mailing's authors.
Yet, despite the nasty political back and forth, there has been little
disagreement over one of the biggest concerns of voters: the planned
development of East Orange, a 7,000-acre swath of unincorporated land
ripe for development and slated to be annexed by the city.
"We have been mouthing a lot of the same stuff on that," Cavecche said.
"We're both saying what needs to be said."
That would be general statements about Orange needing a lot more open
space. They speak in broad terms about considering every new
development in East Orange carefully.
What voters won't hear from either are ultimatums to the Irvine Co., the
corporate landowner of all of East Orange. Nor are they pushing for any
radical environmental measures.
"Orange is paved over," said Fred Smoller, chairman of the political
science department at Chapman University. "It is a real fight now to get
every piece of land we can get for a park."
But Orange, he noted, is a conservative city where voters panic at any
proposal that might raise taxes.
"I don't see any candidate saying 'no development,' " he said. "That's
Santa Monica, not here."

I totally agree with the previous comments that CarolynCavecche is well aware of the hit pieces being put out by her posse via the ElkGrove connection. I called her and commented about them; after innocently stating that she knew absolutely nothing about them...SHE PROCEEDED TO TELL ME WHEN THE NEXT ONE WAS COMING OUT! Poor Carolyn; she must need to win this election pretty bad to stoop so low. Don't your kids need you any more?

If you follow the money of these
slate-mailers-that-aren’t-really-slate-mailers you discover that this is
covertly funded by The Irvine Company via BIZ PAC which is none other than
The Orange County Business Council.


On Oct 13, 2006 BIZ PAC gives TIC money to Voter’s for Responsible
Government – which is Scott Hart.

Then if you look closely at the Cavecche campaign statements you’ll see
large donations from the Irvine Company and their buddies! She has received
so much out-of-town money, under normal circumstances, you would think
self-proclaimed campaign finance watchdog Shirley Grindle would be all over
this. She hates Slate mailers. I got to believe she would really hate

Where is Shirley Grindle when you really need her?? Why isn’t she checking
into this since she claims, "I'm the only one that audits these
(disclosures) regularly.”

Why won’t she write: MORE SLATE MAILER SHENANIGANS IN ORANGE? Doesn’t she
live in Orange? Maybe she is sick. Should we send flowers? Maybe we should
send someone over to her house to check. Or is she just playing softball?
Didn’t someone say she was the Mother Teresa of OC campaign-finance? There
has to be an explanation for this grievous oversight? Checking, checking,
checking…. Oh, someone just told me that she has given large sums of money
to the Carolyn Cavecche campaign and she hates Mike Alvarez. Well, there’s
our answer. Sounds like she’s not interested.

Note: Grindle recently said she would push for formation of an ethics
commission to enforce local campaign finance laws. First order of business
of this commission should be to get rid of
“self-proclaimed campaign finance watchdogs” that are just “self- serving
bull dogs”!

Wow, I recently got another mail piece from Voters for Responsible
Government that comes from Elk Grove, Ca. So glad the people in Elk Grove
are concerned about the elections in Orange. Maybe Elk Grove a sister city
to Orange and I just didn’t know that? Where is Elk Grove anyway?

Well, I looked closely at the violations so I could determine just how bad
of a landlord Mike Alvarez is. First, I saw that four of the violations are
really the same complaint. The second violation looks like someone might
have had a party and forgot to “remove the beer kegs and some furniture”
from the front lawn. And the last one is the famous complaint (running a
boarding house) filed conveniently a few weeks ago by a mystery man who we
latter discovered is connected to the Cavecche campaign. It wasn’t really a
boarding house but a couple of college students from Chapman that rent the
4-bedroom house. Well, anyone who has ever owned rental properties
understands that a landlord cannot be held responsible for the actions of
their tenants. Even Dan Slater should know this! A landlord fixes problems
as they come up and cannot control someone from filing a complaint.

You’d have to admit that this is really clever maneuvering by such
interesting individuals. Oh, and if you ask Carolyn Cavecche if she knows
anything about this she’ll just deny it. But she will tell you there are
two more hit pieces coming out against Mike. Now where was Shirley again?
Maybe she’s with Dan and Mel taking down the Alvarez signs – just trying to
Keep Orange Clean.

And what about the Irvine Company? Looks like they have locals (Shirley,
Dan, Mel and Carolyn) who are facilitating for them at the expense of our
quality of life in Orange! The ego is a strange motivator.

Karen A Finn

I called Shirley yesterday and she was all over me when I asked her to look into these Voters for Responsible Government Group. I never mentioned Councilwoman Carolyn
Cavecche I just asked her,has she looked into it since it looked funny being a want a
be slate mailer look a like?
Well now, I really know who Shirley really goes after now since she called our house and asked me about my husband own donation to himself. You would think if she is that good she would know who Francis Finn is huh?
You really think Councilwoman Carolyn
Cavecche knows nothing about these mailers people? I am getting one every other day! Not to mention I received a mailer from her with the same picture of Alveraz that is on the want-a-be slate going out to everyone.
Well make your own judgment. But I think you already know the answer! Now look at carol Rudat there is an eye sore to be dealt with.

Shrilly Grindle


You have just met the real Shirley Grindle who lurks behind the media myth. Shirley only cares about campaign finance law when it comes to hammering candidates and people she doesn't like. If you're on Shirley's A-list, you never have to worry about have her go through your reports with a fine tooth comb.

You may have also noticed she has been utterly silent throughout the Carol Rudat controversy.

Karen A Finn

Well now I know how Shirley is.. I thought she followed everyone! If anyone looks at my husband's money in this election you would wonder why in the world would Shirley call us and not the big bucks woman Carol Rudat!
But hey wait till this election is over.
I yet to be let lose!

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