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November 06, 2006


Who put the Rude in Rude-at?

I don't see not posting illegal campaign signs on Carols to do list. I wonder if Dave Rudat's list includes ladder climbing refresher course with local fire fighters!


Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Orange: Candidate to be arraigned
Orange City Council candidate Denis Bilodeau will be arraigned Wednesday on charges of removing an opponent's political sign.

Bilodeau, 38, of Orange faces charges of misdemeanor petty theft and malicious mischief or vandalism.

Bilodeau, an Orange County Water District board member, was caught on videotape stealing signs and putting them in his car on Oct. 29, said Jannette Littler, a spokeswoman for candidate Carol Rudat.

Littler said Rudat's daughter spotted Bilodeau taking the signs and videotaped him.

Bilodeau faces a maximum sentence of six months in jail.

Orange Rez

Almost as dirty as his mailer where he used Steve Ambriz's wife to endourse his campaign.

Shame on DENIS!

wasn't dave rudat also caught removing signs?

wasn't dave rudat also caught on tape removing campaign signs?

the serrach says..

that carol rudat is a piece of work. now she's jumping on the anti-mexican bandwagon. good stuff, hopefully now she can go back to whichever beach town she really lives in.

Frank Finn

Orange Rez, by what stretch of the imagination is the mailing of a letter by the widow of a close personal friend who supports Denis' candidacy to fill her husband’s seat, "dirty"? The Ambriz and Bilodeau families have been close friends for years. Why wouldn't Bridgette endorse Denis? And for you to even suggest that this mailing in any way compares to the filthy, unethical, nasty, and dishonest practices of the Rudat (win at any cost) campaign, shows that you have been in a bubble somewhere for the last 3 months. Those people connected with the packet of lies that is the campaign are morally and ethically bankrupt and Orange is in for dark days ahead if they have been successful in their efforts to bamboozle the voters and purchase Ms. Rudat a seat on the council.

Win at any cost

"filthy, unethical, nasty, and dishonest practices of the Rudat (win at any cost) campaign" Funny that a cop would slam the law abiding Rudats, and not slam Denis for his arraignment on misdemeanor charges. Will you turn a blind eye when Mr. Bilodeau continues his adult like behavior and toilet papers the Rudat's home......

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