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November 06, 2006


Smile you're on Rudat camera!

I hear Rudat's daughter has video of the Orange Realtor's taking down campaign signs! There will be a giant press briefing at 7:30AM tomorrow morning. This could really hurt home sales in the city or Orange.

Realtors for Bilodeau?  Wow!

I hope that last comment was a joke!

This is very interesting that the Realtors would support Bilodeau, because Carol Rudat is a Realtor and a member of the California Association of Realtors...she must be a real nut if her own association won't support her.

Scary fact

As somone said earlier, Carol is tough as nails. That doesn't necesarily make her a good Realtor. In fact, from what I hear-most Realtors don't want to work with her.

She has been fired from Several Different Real Estate Firms and has been reprimanded by the board and taken to court for some of her Real Estate Deals. Not someone that is a very good representative of Realtors.

What the

Where is this so called press conference taking place? More lame stories from the Rude-at camp. Thank goodness it all ends today! GO OUT AND VOTE!

Say goodnight Carol!

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