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November 05, 2006


Frank Finn

Jubal, I realize we got off to a rough start early in the campaign but I think on this issue we are in total agreement. Unfortunately, writing on these blogs is preaching to the choir. How do we inform the general voting public of the travesty that may be shaping up?
I believe we are at a critical juncture in this election that may have profound and tragic repercussions for the citizens of Orange if all responsible voters including the candidates don’t step up and take action. I am afraid that Ms. Rudat may very well be able to buy a seat on the City Council with the reported $156,000 she has so far injected into her campaign. With this largess she has been sending mailers almost daily that proclaim her to be the hometown girl next door while at the same time sending vile, deceitful hit pieces against Denis Bilodeau. Anyone who peruses the political blogs is all too aware of what a dishonest and unethical person she is, unfortunately the vast majority of voters are not as well informed and will conceivably be taken in by her lies and innuendo.
At best, she has lived in Orange since April 2006 (even this is doubtful) not the “most of my adult life” as she has claimed repeatedly. This makes her DISHONEST!
Her campaign has posted dozens of anonymous attack signs that, if not illegal, are certainly unethical and in violation of the Code of Fair Campaign Practices statement she signed upon becoming a candidate in this race which makes her UNTRUSTWORTHY!
Her campaign set up the DumpDenis website which shows several legitimate County expense reports submitted by Mr. Bilodeau for conferences he attended, representing the Water Board. She insinuates that there is something sinister or questionable about these reports when in fact, they are normal expenses allowed by law and approved by higher authority. I would like to see the expense reports filed by Carol’s hubby before he was canned as City Manager as a result of the infamous garbage scandal, or as the Deputy County CEO who happened to be in charge of the Registrar of Voters who allowed Carol’s duplicitous candidate statement to be placed in the sample ballot. For that matter, I’d like to see the documents regarding the lucrative real estate deal Ms. Rudat collaborated on with the same trash company that bilked Orange residents for mega bucks while said hubby was in charge. These claims make Carol DECEITFUL!
All things considered, what could possibly motivate a person to spend this kind of money and compromise their reputation to this extent to be elected to a position that pays about $600 a month? A strong sense of civic duty? I think not. Revenge against those who humiliated her husband? Perhaps. To satisfy some kind of ego trip? Maybe. Some thought that political power might be converted to financial gain in excess of the $156,000 investment? Conceivable. These possibilities make Ms. Rudat DANGEROUS!
I believe that all of the other candidates in this race genuinely want to serve the citizens of Orange and keep it the great town that it is. While we all may have different views regarding the best way to do that, I think we can agree that if Ms. Rudat is successful in her efforts to fool the people into voting her in as a council member, a very dark and litigious cloud will engulf Orange. In order to prevent this debacle, I propose we all put aside our personal ambitions for the greater good of our community. To prevent this out of town real estate shark from buying her way onto the council, I propose that all of the honest candidates join me in giving our full support to the two candidates most likely to overcome her checkbook politics. For the good of Orange, we should give our unqualified endorsements to DENIS BILODEAU and MARK MURPHY and urge anyone who was going to vote for us, to cast their ballot in favor of these two respectable candidates so that Ms. Rudat can’t purchase a seat. If that happens, I am afraid we will be paying for a very long time based on Carol’s past record as a defendant and as a plaintiff in numerous law suites and her not so well hidden agenda. We do not need a Steve Rocco on the City Council. The good people of Orange do not deserve that burden.

Frank Finn, Orange City Council Candidate

larry Gilbert

Good afternoon Jubal and OC blog readers.

And to question low voter turnouts and apathy! All we need to do is look at all of the negative mailers over the past few election cycles to see why both the younger generation and adults are united. United in their disgust of the process where candidates are busy attacking others instead of focusing on the five questions I give to every candidate that I have advised.

1. Who are you?
2. Why are you an candidate?
3. Why are you the best qualified candidate?
4. What do you see as the problems?
5. And the most difficult question, what are your suggested solutions?

Sadly, candidates have no choice but to thwart off the fiery darts of the enemy and need to wear their belt of truth and breastplates of righteousness 24/7.

Candidates are forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars defending allegations which sadly are believed by the unknowing electorate. If they don't than the allegations will be believed by naive voters.

Take a look at the number of "hit pieces" that are published on every blog. I am certain that there are many others that are not being mentioned including some in my city of Mission Viejo.

The good news. It should all be over within 80 hours.
Larry Gilbert



You raise a good question. The OC political blogosphere is still so young that the average voter hasn't yet acquired the habit of looking to it as a source of candidate information.

Blogs can have an impact by picking up a story and hammering at it until the MSM picks it up, as was the case with Carol Rudat's residency. We can take some comfort in the fact that every news story about Carol Rudat revolved around her dubious claim to be an Orange resident.

Blogs also have a growing impact due to the growing tendency of people -- voters included -- to Google around in search of information about a product, or in the case of elections, about a candidate.

If any voter Googles "Carol Rudat" the returned results are overwhelmingly negative. They will quickly discover she is a carpetbagger possessed of all the negative qualities you described.

So, the local blogosphere can have an impact, and in a close contest, perhaps even a decisive one. Just consider how this council race would have developed if it hadn't been for the blogs.

Immature Sheriff


What was she thinking?

I'm sure there are many voters who didn't even know Rudat's Orange residency was an issue... until they got her piece!

If I was an uninformed voter, I don't think I'd vote for a candidate who was insisting that a Judge and Secretary of State ruled that she was indeed a resident of my city.

For that to even be an issue is enough for her not to get my vote.

For Orange's sake, I hope that the election results are:



That piece of mail reinforces that fact she moved into town in April. In soccer, that’s called an auto goal. Please Carol Rudat, send another one of these! carolrudat@aol.com

David T. Sandberg

As we draw nearer to the end of this saga with the Rude-ats, it will be a complete catastrophe if Carol buys this election. Amazing how THE Orange watch dog seems to be asleep in her house while this indecent amount of money is being spent to buy a seat on the city council. Someone wake Shirley up before it’s too late. Say what you want, but to me, an Orange NATIVE, I will be ashamed if this angry lady, with a vendetta wins. Her character assassination of Denis was way off base. Under the freedom of information act, maybe I should ask the County of Orange to spend some man hours digging up her old man’s e-mail, and see if he spent one minute discussing his wife’s campaign. I’m sure that would cost the county a couple of thousand for man hours spent looking for these items. That’s what Carol had to do to receive Denis’s information. What a waste of taxpayer’s dollars, looking into expense reports which were approved by his supervisor. Ask Carol if Dave is CURRENTLY getting a paycheck, well folks, Surprise! Surprise! He is! Paid by the county to put up Dump Denis signs. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy doesn’t it. And this is only the pre-game antics. Wait to see what she will do if she buys her seat on the council. She has stated that she WILL fire anyone that had a hand in the dismissal of her hubby. See for Carol, going to court, and dealing with lawsuits after you wrongfully terminate an employee is old hat. The difference here is that you and I will be footing the bill. If you have heard her at any of the forums, I was at the Old Towne event; she doesn’t have a clue how to run this city. Selling Christmas trees and houses doesn’t make you government savvy. Living in Newport doesn’t make you understand the issues with Orange! I have lived here my entire life, and this has got to be the worst candidate ever! And she has spent over $150,000 trying to buy her seat on the city council! I believe that is the most in city history! Please look at the qualified candidates, and PLEASE tell your neighbors and friends in Orange to reject Carol Rude-at! She is bad for Orange! Go Denis! Go Mark! Go Jeremy! Go Frank! And most of all, good luck to my friend and all around good man, and father, Darren Smith. He and Mark are getting my vote! Thanks Jubal for making a site for every voice to be heard! True Democracy at work! You would make Abe Lincoln proud.

Eh Jubal---


Are you aware if this "Head Investigator" is a bureaucrat (entrenched and living on our Tax-paying dimes) or if he is an Appointee subject to REPLACEMENT when Arnold is sworn in again???

Carol put the Rude in Rudat!

I believe Carol Rudat and her husband David owe Mr. Bilodeau an apology for saying mean things about him and slinging mud instead of sticking to the issues. Shame on you Carol! (But I will list my house for sale with you because I hear you are tough as nails and I want that in my real estate broker in this tough market!)

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