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November 20, 2006



Van Tran is happy where he is for the next four years. He has reaffirmed to me that he is not running. He's definitely backing Trung Nguyen. There is another Vietnamese-American businessman lurking out there. Let's see if he actually files.

White candidates run against white candidates all the time. So do Hispanics. Why shouldn't Vietnamese with the same last name run against each other in the same district? I am just glad there hasn't been too many Phams running except career candidate Long Pham in the 68th AD.

Umberg would make a very strong candidate but I wonder if someone who got beat soundly in June (40-60) could regroup that quickly? Is his 69th AD apartment within the 1st SD? I think Villa Park is not...

For O-Juicers:

Luis Rodriguez--Nice try! I am not running nor I am interested in entering a local race in the OC anytime in the near future.

Art Pedroza -- Instead of posting that you heard from your little birds or sources, why don't you just email or pick up the phone to confirm candidate intentions?

Be serious

"I do not believe that both will run, however, both will declare and raise money briefly. One of the two will drop out of the game of political chicken."

Anyone who draws such conclusions knows nothing about history or about Little Saigon. This is war. It is personal. Expect ugliness. And expect neither to back down any time soon.

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