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November 03, 2006


Correction - Rice re-registered in 2004 to Republican

Gustavo Arellano

The other great thing about Midway City is its still-functioning feed shop!


Diep isn't directly challenging Margie. There are more than one seat open. Rice, Paris and Diep would be a great team.


Diep is running for one of three seats. There are three incumbents: Democrat Grace Epperson, Republican Margie Rice, and OCGOP Endorsed-Republican Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger.

Mohawk Man

Margie Rice is the ultimate RINO in this race. In 2004 she conveniently switched party registration to prevent her mayoral opponent from getting the GOP's endorsement.

Now as a registered Republican, she is actively undermining our Party's effort in Central Orange County by helping Lou Correa, against our very own endorsed candidate - Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher.

Mark Ahrens

My mother, Westminster Trustee Judy Ahrens, endorsed Truong Diep and also Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger, even though both of them are sparring over the recent fee hikes. Truong is using the hikes to attack the current board, which includes Vivian, but it is important to note that the sewer pumps are 50 years past their expected lifetime and could break at any moment, causing sewage to flow out of toilets into the homes. It was necessary to raise fees in order to replace the sewage pumps. Kinda like Arnold's bonds on Tuesday. Vivian convinced the current board to fund sewage pumps that should have been budgeted for replacement years ago. Vivian is also running for Westminster City Council to bring the same type of planning (though without raising taxes).

grace remele

I would like Diep's email address

grace remele

I think both Frank Fry and Margie Rice are way, way overdue for retirement and I thinnk Truong Diep would have made a valued member of the city council. I hope he runs again. Thank God, Hamade didn't make it. And congrats to Penny Loomer. I hope she will stand up to Margie Rice when she throws her little tantrums. What is the council going to do without Kermit?

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