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November 17, 2006



This puppy is ours. Senator Correa!!!!

union leader

All Three Sides are to be congratulated on a race well run !!!!!

Bade to the CIA ... WTF >>>

Andrew Davey

Horray! Lou is now in a great position to win this thing, once and for all! There are vety few outstanding ballots left to count on Monday... I doubt it would be enough to change the dynamics either way.

Ah, it feels so good to finally stop worrying about this race! Our diverse, working-class district will likely have a Senator (who is actually from our community!) who respects our community, and work hard for us in Sacramento! : )


Ironic that the Republicans are kicked out of Congress for corruption and dishonesty, but the Dems show on the local level that they have not lost their touch either. Mike Levin: Pelosi is paging you.

santa ana dem

Dude, the local Dems had nothing to do with Otto. That was all Sacto. Besides, when this is over, Otto won't be the difference maker. Looks like Lou might win by 1,000 or so.


"I did not have relations with Otto Bade."
-- Lou
("I am looking for the real killers.")

Elroy El

Like I pointed out in earlier discussions. The BoS did the same in last years special election.

The parties who put Bade on the ballot are only employing the tactic of a group that has been used in the past with nary a peep from the conservative establishment in the county.

So what's the big deal?

Mark Leyes

Yeah, Elroy, and Lincoln freed the slaves for a polling bump. What the hell does one thing have to do with the other!? Nothing the BoS did PREVENTED a YES or NO vote on the principal measure.

Conversely, EVERY vote for Bade was STOLEN from Daucher, since they ONLY campaigned to Republicans. It was a Dirty Trick, period. He was NOT a real candidate and was nothing but a stalking horse for the Dems. No obscure subreferenced political peculiarity from your wacky memory can or will change that, no matter how desperately stupid you argue it.

Elroy El

Mark. Please. You're embarassing yourself. Now you are assuming the idea that Bade votes were "stolen" from Daucher. How do you know those who voted for Bade would've voted for either candidate? A crystal ball perhaps?

Certainly you don't deny someone the right to put themselves on the ballot. Do you?

Last I recall, we still live in a democracy where a private citizen can put himself on the ballot regardless of who the party apparatchiks decide is their candidate. Or do you believe that shouldn't be possible?


I do recall reading shortly before the election Senator Ackerman citing a poll that showed Bade picking up more votes from Democrats than from Republicans. Was he lying then or are you lying now?
Or maybe you're upset because your elections forecasts were way off?
Perhaps you're angry that this election solidifies the hold Democrats have on Central OC. You and your kind are a dying breed.
Time for you to move to the IE or to South OC, Mark.
But before you do, grow up and congratulate Senator-elect Correa.

Payback is a B----

AS I stated in a posting a few days ago, Bade made his move as a probable bit of PAYBACK to the self-ordained "Kingmakers" of OC from the Clubs I will not dignify by identifying them here by name.

In Ottos' race for the 69th, they talked him in to running based on promises of BIG $$$ from Fools like a certain Latino Vice Chair as well as Volunteer support and the poor Bastard got sandbagged from JUMP.

One thing I learned along with several of his "Volunteers" who helped with that campaign is tha Bade is cut from the same cloth as GOP's beloved Tim Whitacre - A Marine. (Or other adjective depending on your perspective)

Ask any Jarhead or Swabby (e.g.-Rich Wagner went to Annapolis), it is just like a Marine to live thru an Ambush and come back alive to look for a proverbial "pound of flesh" from those who hung him out to dry.

In this case, Otto probably believed in himslef as being a "better Republican" than Daucher, so he had every right to run on GOP ticket --- Hell, Why Not???

As was posted above in response to Mark Leyes, Lou looks to win by a margin LARGER than if Daucher was to miraculously rec'd all of Otto's votes for herself.

Look for Otto to run for Santa Ana Council next time out -AS A DEM & ENDORSED BY LOU CORREA!!!

Semper Fi, Otto!!!

Mark Leyes

Plese, Elroy. Now you and your buddies are just embarrassing yourselves.

No one thinks any of you are STUPID enough to believe what you are posting about Otto Bade. He did NOT "put himself on the ballot" and you know it. He was a dupe and his candidacy was a phony one - a dirty trick intended to steal votes from Daucher. No one believes otherwise - not even you and your anonymous Dem water-carrier friends - probably not even Otto himself.

I am not saying it was illegal. I am not saying that Lou Correa will not officially log enough votes to claim victory. But anyone with ANY integrity will admit what it is - a shameless Rat-f*** to steal an election that they did not have the confidence to win in a fair fight.

As for the IDIOTIC assertion that Otto was going to draw votes from Dems, how was that possible, since not a single Dem received a mailer, brochure or phone call from Bade? He did not even have signs. Every penny of the $90K+ spent on Bade was spent on Republicans.

Quit embarrassing yourself by spouting such inanities. And quit insulting everyone else by acting like anyone believes it.

Dave Swanson

Mark, I consistently agree with your opinions. However, Bade did not siphon as many votes as people think. I know many conservatives in the 34th SD who were undecided, and may have actually voted for Correa until Bade emerged, I myself would have been undecided, had I lived in the district. I, at times, believe Correa and Daucher are about the same on the issues. Daucher is pro-abortion, pro-gay rights, anti-guns rights and she votes for the Governor's enormous budgets...I havent seen her GOP credentials yet.

Elroy El

But anyone with ANY integrity will admit what it is - a shameless Rat-f*** to steal an election that they did not have the confidence to win in a fair fight.

And Mark. The same could be said for the BoS actions last year. They put issues on the ballot for the sole purpose of voter confusion to water down the ballot. This is from a group that wraps itself in the flag of Americana. Chris Norby seconded the motion to put the issues on the ballot and then immediately campaigned against them. Please don't lecture any of us Dem's on integrity or fair fights.

Apparently Daucher's campaign wasn't compelling enough to draw those votes from the folks that voted for Bade. That is the point. Don't believe it. I don't care. Had her campaign been compelling, no one would be watching a vote by vote count. The only reason you (or any of the GOP's) care is that she went from a huge lead on the opening numbers on election night to now being behind.

Now what is especially funny to me is watching a conservative embarass himself by claiming to be victimized.


Hello? Has everyone forgotten that Lynn Daucher would not have won her first race without support from Democrats and the unions.

She rewarded them over the years with her pro-gay, pro-abortion and occassional pro-union vote.

Her political career was created by the sword and it died by the same sword.

In my book that's sweet justice.


David Swanson is fairly accurate in his observation. I suspect most of the votes for Bade would not have been cast for Daucher---they most likely were hard core conservative, pro-life bullet voters who always vote but probably would not vote for Daucher or Correa.

I think it was a stupid ploy by Perata's Sacramento's muscle folks if they thought they were shifting votes. Maybe a few but hardly close to the difference. Remember that Daucher sent two pieces of mail in response to this piece reminding people that it was the DEMOCRATS who were financing the piece, something never responsed to of course by the people doing the Bade mailing. Interesting, the responses didn't really deny the charges and positions attributed to her in the Bade mailings. If any outside factor helped Correa it was probably the Nguyen self-implosion episode which generated stronger then anticipated Latino turnout in Santa Ana.

Leyes is hyperventilating--- it was hardly a stolen election... Dems fiddled while GOP did a big VR drive, Daucher, hardly a good fit for the dristrict, did run a great campaign. Dems finally woke up and kicked butt to gain back a good deal of the VR margin. Correa got off to a slow start but a torrid finish helped Landslide Lou take it.


Could it have been that the two Daucher pieces meant to deflect the Bade mail was exactly what the Perata "muscle folks" were trying to accomplish?

I am sure that wasn't in the original Daucher mail budget. Whether it meant two less hit pieces against Correa or not, it forced Daucher's team to redirect energy and effort.

Ackerman's huffing and puffing is just a way of distracting attention from the real problem, which was his heavy-handed intervention in the primary. Left to our own devices, we would have nominated a true Republican conservative, who actually does more than rent an empty apartment in the district.

That's OK, Reepforever...

Don't throw stones at Lynn...

Otto lives in Riverside!!!

And yes, Ackerman did more to Self-Destruct the GOP with the "Do-Or-Die" threats to support Daucher with a race that tried to re-connect to GOP votes in the middle of the ticket as opposed to Bottom-up (SA Council???) or Top-Down (Congressional).

Stupid move by vain egomaniacs that once again wasted limited GOP resources of BOTH people & money that cost other Repubs their seats (e.g. - Leland in Fullerton!!!)

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