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November 27, 2006



Just what we need--another lawsuit by someone craving attention. The Board censured Rocco, they did not prevent him from ranting on and on. He made it clear they were not chilling his speech and he intended on continuing to speak out and confirm to the 30% of the District that does not know who he is that he is on another planet. I would not have censured him had I been on the Board because a)it just gave him some ink and as the Orange group noted, magnified the degree of disclosure of Rocco's comments and b)there were some factual problems(Board President had mentioned someone too) that should have led the Board to just engage in a little ass-chewing. I agreed with McGee's hammering of the Board in the past for Brown Act violations but a lawsuit here is as much an overreaction as was the original censure.

On the elections, I disagree that the residents of the District acted blithely in re-electing the incumbents. Do you think they acted blithely in re-electing Ledesma whom i believe you voted for? My take is that most of the electorate was generally satisfied with the District and with the exception of Bittel, most of the people who lost were not ready for prime time. Like many Boards they tend to rubber stamp the Sup. too often but overall people felt they had done an acceptable job.


It takes a lot for OUSD voters to defeat an incumbent. The current board majority likes to paint their predecessors as latter-day Torquemadas presiding over a Dark Age of educational decay -- yet Orange citizens continually re-elected them prior to their ultimate recall, despite the constant fuliminations of the teachers union and board critics.

I'll admit that "blithely" is a something of an overstatement. My feeling is my fellow Orange residents are accustomed or resigned to being in a mediocre school district. Since things don't seem too bad, they'll re-elect the incumbents because, as you pointed out, they weren't presented with great alternatives -- and the incumbents had comparatively strong mail programs (plus IEs from the teachers union).

Fortunately, that meant a good trustee like Rick Ledesma was "blithely" re-elected along with his rubber-stamp colleagues.

My name is Daniel .S. Martinez. Im the son of phil Martinez, and i cant belive that this OUSD let this A HOLE in office. I am proud to be independent party in politics. Oh ya whats the deal with the voters?? WHAT ALL THEY ALL democrats??? man people join the INDEPENDENT PARTY like Lue Dobbs.

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