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November 21, 2006


Al Bundy

Well, Janet's press release is better than Trung's. But press releases alone don't win elections.

Janet has alienated so many people in Garden Grove that it will be hard for her to carry her own city, let alone appeal to voters in other areas.

Janet needs a reality check to bring her over-inflated view of herself in check. This campaign will be it.

Let the games begin

Now Van and all his cronies will spend the weekend smashing Janet. I think the issue is that Janet is primed to surpass any elected office Van will achieve. I guess only time will tell. My bet is on Janet.

after running all year she only has 200 thousand dollars? sorry, not impressed.

Der Fuhrer

Undt tere vill be no criticism of Herr Gilliard on dis tread.

Serranus Clinton Hastings

Actually, Correa is not "State Senator-elect" until the election is certified. Certainly a former member of the traffic commission should have known that. And besides, it should be "state Senator-elect."

David S. Terry

A "heads up"? Janet didn't mean that. That means to be alert or watchful.

I think Janet actually meant a "leg up." That means an advantage. Certainly a member of the Center for a Brand New Day would know that. Where did she go to school?

Heads up Janet! You're going to need that $200,000 to pay your consultant.

Mathew O. Tobriner

Wait a minute, did Janet really say whe had a Bachelor's Degree in Garden Grove High School? What the hell does that mean? Who wrote that press release? Shouldn't a graduate of UCI and someone who both lives AND resides in Garden Grove have a basic grasp of the English language?


Ugh...people need to proofread their press releases. They're so eager to get them out (before Correa's victory is even certified) that they're rushing, so they're making silly mistakes.

Milk Man

Janet, your political career will stop here. I'm sorry dear but the white voters will not vote for you when there is a Mark Rosen or Tom Umberg on the ballot; the Hispanics will not vote for you when there is a Carlos Bustamante or Claudia Alvarez on the ballot; and the Vietnamese will certainly not vote for you when Trung Nguyen, who has the support of Van Tran, is on the ballot.

Save your money for re-election because you will be challenged in two years!


Obviously, Janet Nguyen is no longer interested in being a member of the GG council.


Obviously, Janet Nguyen is no longer interested in being a member of the GG council.

In two years, after losing the sup race and losing reelection, she won't be.

Someone Else Who Knows

Anyone remember back in the Primary when Lynn Daucher was tagging along with Janet Nguyen? Why did Lynn drop Janet?

Well, a chim nhỏ (that is pajarito for those who don't know Vietnamese) told me that polling showed Janet's favs/unfavs were upside down among all ethnic groups. Daucher's campaign would self destructed had she stuck with Janet.

Janet Nguyen is toast. Kudos to Dave Gilliard for running her campaign with a vacuum cleaner attached to his bank account....he is good at that.

janet is a bank account in search of a vacancy. she has a dismal record in garden grove and nothign to offer the rest of the county

Janet is certainly the best GOP candidate we have running.

Most of everyone else is an empty suit.

Garden Grove Republican

If you think Janet Nguyen is the "best" GOP candidate running, then you're high on dope.

She's going to lose this election because her base will not vote for her over the other Vietnamese GOP Candidate - Trung Nguyen.


Janet is going to regret voting against the Buddhist Temple in Garden Grove earlier this year. Vietnamese who practices Buddhism will not vote for an ENEMY of their religion, especially one that is from within.

Oc Voice

Yeh lets support a whore house... I guess Thats why Team Tran is agaisn't Janet! Lets read between the lines!

Good God

I can't believe that people are spreading that ugly rumor about the Buddhist temple. The racism from Janet Nguyen's supporters astounds me.

GG Insider

Good God:

get your facts straight!!! call the police department and get the report - stop making up lies about Janet

No One Is Above the Law

5-0 vote against the temple - lets call the other council like Dalton, Leyes, Rosen and Krebs all racists too (give us residents a break)- team tran just upset they can't control GG

Mrs Bustamante

This race is Ms Nguyen's to lose.

Stupid Move

Janet voted against the temple to appeal to white voters. But, Rosen and other candidates are going to get that vote. The only thing Janet did is alienate her base.

Tacid Observer

I believe Janet voted against the issue for the Temple because it did not meet basinc requirements for traffic and parking, and the angticipated crowds that would have been drawn to this facility. Simply because a group gives $200,000 to a memebr of the Westminister City Council to act as an Expiditer (graft in my opinion) does not make the facility a viable location for the practices proposed for the property. The Budhist Temple, and the Vietnamese Community should demand that Van Tran and Andy Quach return the money and help facilitate the purchase of a Church buiding in Garden Grove somewhere. Lord knows that there are an abundance of these properties in the City of GG that can be aqcuired and meet the needs of the Temple and Worshippers. The whole city council voted against the project because it was not fit for the intended use. That is THEIR JOB! The whole City Council Voted against it for that reason. And JANET IS TO BE SINGLED OUT? The real traitors here are van Tran and Andy Quach. They took money from the Temple, and promised support for the project. Then van went on to The Assembly and left them holding the bag. I think Andy shouod give them the money back and help aqcuire a new property that is allready zoned for the purpose of worship.

Real Observer

Janet Nguyen voted against the Buddhist Temple project because she was bitter against Van Tran. You will remember that Janet intended to run for Assembly when Tran briefly ran for Senate.

When she was forced to stay put, she had to take it out on Tran and his buddies. Even though it was a stupid political thing to do, not to mention how sinful it was to vote against your own religion, if she even believe in a "God".

Janet for all of her slander against Quach and Tran, couldn't show any proof that these two guys accepted money - but her 'No' vote against the Buddhist monks is well documented.

Even if for one moment we do not discuss the merit of her vote - but we can all understand the political consequences.

She will twist in the wind and Dave Gillard will be richer in the process.

If anything, she will waste all of her money just to defend herself in the Vietnamese community - and let Rosen or Bustamante walk away with this election.

Another Who Knows

Actually, the riff between Van and Janet is more because Van was going to support Righeimer to replace had he ran for Senate.

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