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November 09, 2006


Peggy Lowe

Matt -- I spelled Sherry's name correctly. So sic on the sic, dude.




Doh! I stand corrected, Peggy.

Dwight Robinson

Maybe the "future investment" is for another bid for councilwoman. 3 million might be enough to win that.

Mark Leyes

Sherry Bebitch Jeffe has never added anything useful to political discourse in any of overhyped (and overpaid?) commentary. She does nothing but spout platitudes, state the obvious and regurgitate whatever the conventional wisdom may be. Whenever she ventures into anything remotely speculative, she will reliably utter some inanity such as her profoundly ridiculous comments on DeYoung's "future."

I turned the channel when she began to appear on Channel 4 news. I think we should all boycott the channel unless and until they employ someone with a lack of bias and, frankly, something interesting to say.

Mark, for once, is exactly right. Sherry is pure media hound, offering only that which is certain to be comprehended and quoted by our less than discriminating local media. Such idiocies are to be expected.

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