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November 27, 2006


Rumor Has It

That Harry is about to sign with the big Sacramento firm, the same one that John Moorlach, Chuck Devore and Van Tran used, JohnsonClark. Did anyone else hear that?

Fiscal Hawk

A contested primary doesn't hurt anyone.

Debbie ONeill

Something about Harry when he gets something in his mind he will not back down. But he does have something to lose and that is the VOTERS of Anaheim has said they want a change and they want there voice back and Harry has done NOTHING to
help them.

Harry is so busy wanting to be a politican that he makes no waves, He goes with who ever can help him get to where he wants to go and nothing else matters.

If he really cared where was he all the years ( that is before he wanted to run of City Council)? When Canyon Acres Children's home needed food or Thanksgiving? Or when the Community Council Needs funds for the 4th Of July? Or the Motel Children Needs Christmas Gifts or Easter Baskets. You see none of this mattered until Harry wanted to get elected. And then unless it could help him gets votes it still didn't matter.

Well, Harry just might have trouble getting re-elected to the Anaheim City Council.

If PRingle would have had someone who Spent money and got out in the view of the voters he just may not have gotten re-elected. Fitzgerald got 21% of the voter by not spending on dine.

The residents of Anaheim want there voice back.

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