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November 26, 2006


Mike Lawson

So Mark and Janet talked with Casino developers? So what??

I am a Garden Grove resident that would hate to see a casino in my backyard. But I am happy to know that both Rosen and Nguyen are out looking at all of the options with an open mind.

This is a quality I hope to see in the (wo)man that wins Lou's seat.

GG Resident

Quang you really need to get your facts straight.... Janet Nguyen wasn't even on the council when all this took place... It was the other Vietnamese Council Member at the Time Van Tran...

One Who Knows


Janet didn't get on the council till 2006 your grasping at straws.

You can bet on Rosen!

Mark Rosen is a fine candidate and will be in the top 3 finishers for BOS and may win.

One Who Knows

Mark will not run if Puildo and Umberg enter the Race.... Bet on that...

Art Pedroza


Wasn't Van Tran the one that got in hot water for courting the casinos? I don't think Janet was around back then.

At any rate, are you for or against the casino concept? I cannot tell exactly from your post.


Lawson, An open mind is one thing. Ignorance or skirting the law while conducting city business behind closed doors is another. Even though the OCR's Greenhut is an editorial writer, I found his columns on this topic to be very informative as well as investigational in nature.

Previous articles (take the time to at least scan the links) reveal the following:

From 5/05 -

Four council members participated in the Vegas get-together in May [2004]- councilmen Bill Dalton (now mayor), Mark Rosen, Mark Leyes and Van Tran (now an assemblyman) - but Leyes, at a later meeting, refused to sign a confidentiality agreement with Wynn. (Then-Mayor Bruce Broadwater wisely refused to be part of any casino discussions and wasn't at the Vegas confab.)

In that instance, staff orchestrated "serial" meetings, in which four council members met in groups of two separately in meetings with Wynn to avoid the Brown Act, which requires public notice whenever a quorum is present.

I know Janet was not elected until 11/04. I am also aware of her stance.

From 1/06 --

Councilwoman Janet Nguyen said she would not support a casino because it would mean more traffic and strain on roads and law enforcement. Nguyen said she would prefer a mix of apartments and businesses on that part of Harbor Boulevard.

One Who Knows -- Janet won in 2006???

Pedroza -- I would not support a casino in the OC. The gambling addiction issue hits too close to home personally.

I'm still "stuck in Lodi."


Hey Quang - just because you are allowed to post does not give you a license to lie. You know Janet was not even around then and you know that she opposes a casino in Garden Grove. Stop pimping and start telling the truth.

Art Pedroza


I find that gambling is stupid, but some people like it - and as you alluded to some cannot control themselves.

I do think however that we have to be careful not to use legislation, or council decisions, to enforce that which our common sense ought to hold sway over.

Nevertheless, I think Janet's proposed use for the area is a wiser one than the casino idea.

Mark Leyes

Only Quang (or another Asian) could get away with posting this. Anyone else would have been accused of xenophobia (at best).

But, since Quang brought it up, I feel compelled to comment. Tribal casinos have been an issue in Garden Grove because some inside and outside of Garden Grove think it is a lucrative idea - for both private and public profits.

It is only thinly-veiled that Quang is trying to insert the casino issue into the BOS race. But it is a red herring - and here is why...

A tribal casino in very unlikely in GG or OC due to the hurdles in the way of such a plan, from federal law to State policy to local opposition.

It is true that GG Councilman Mark Rosen voted to support pursuing a tribal casino as did Mayor Bill Dalton (and both they and then-Councilman Van Tran signed a confidentiality agreement with Vegas Casino mogul Steve Winn that was subject to derision in press and stern rebuke from the District Attorney).

But the real cheerleader for a casino has been GG Councilman Harry Krebs, who made the pursuit of a Casino (and the total ban of fireworks) the core of his city council agenda. Of course, Harry just lost an election to two Casino opponents, though it was never discussed in campaign materials by any candidate.

More interesting is that Janet Nguyen, who voted in 2005 with GG Councilman Mark Leyes (me) to oppose pursuit of a casino, ran the campaign for Harry "Casino" Krebs. She was also the deciding vote to appoint him to the City Council in the first place.

Complaining about increased traffic is hardly a principled philosophical basis to oppose casinos. And unflagging support of the leading Casino proponent on the GG City Council seriously calls into question how sincere Janet's opposition really is.

And the BOS has such a minimal role in such a proposal in any case, it is simply not a potent issue in the 1st District race. The only way it matters is if you care about the kind of candidates the new County Supe would support for the local offices who would decide on a casino - and in that scenario, the issue is muddled, at best.

Art Pedroza


Maybe Janet doesn't like fireworks?

Trung Nguyen's support not what Tran says it is
by Art Pedroza

While we wait to see if Tom Umberg and/or Miguel Pulido are going to run for Lou Correa's seat on the OC Board of Supervisors, let's take a closer look at Trung Nguyen, the candidate that Assemblyman Van Tran says is the "the only viable candidate for the seat at this time."

Nguyen has run for several offices in the last year or so - he failed when he ran for the OC GOP Central Committee in this year's June primary election. He was the only Vietnamese candidate, running in the 68th Assembly District, where his patron, Tran, holds sway. And he came in seventh - losing to a bunch of non-Vietnamese candidates.

Nguyen also tried to get onto the OC Water District Board this year, in the general election, but he again failed to defeat a non-Vietnamese candidate, Kathryn Barr.

Nguyen first was elected to the Garden Grove School Board in 2004, when he barely beat a guy with the unfortunate name of Jesse James. Nguyen squeaked into victory as the last of the three winners.

The lesson learned? Tran needs a drug test if indeed he truly believes that Nguyen is the only viable candidate for the First Supervisorial District. The evidence just doesn't support his contention.

Moreover, the casino issue has come up again in Garden Grove. Tran was one of the council members who got in hot water for supporting this idea and for possible violations of the Brown Act. Will this issue hurt Trung Nguyen as well? I think so - but frankly I don' t know what his stance is on this issue. You can bet he will be asked about it a lot going forward.

Here are Nguyen's election results:

Nov. 7 2006 - General Election

Completed Precincts: 115 of 115

Vote Count Percentage
KATHRYN L. BARR 18360 55.9%
TRUNG NGUYEN 14505 44.1%

June 6, 2006 - Primary Election
Member, County Central Committee 68th Assembly District - Republican
Number To Vote For: 6
Completed Precincts: 291 of 291

Vote Count Percentage
ED ROYCE, SR. (REP) 13909 13.0%
LARRY R. CRANDALL (REP) 11579 10.8%
KERMIT MARSH (REP) 11551 10.8%
MARK LEYES (REP) 11470 10.7%
JON AIKEN (REP) 9810 9.1%
STEVE SARKIS (REP) 8876 8.3%
ERIK K. WEIGAND (REP) 5531 5.2%
ANNA REAGAN (REP) 5288 4.9%
JOEL WIRTH (REP) 4924 4.6%

November 2, 2004 - General Election

Number To Vote For: 3

Vote Count Percentage
TRUNG NGUYEN 27901 17.3%
JESSE JAMES 20639 12.8%
JAMES D. "JIM" WARNER 11264 7.0%
LISA WOLD 8716 5.4%
P.A. "TONY" WOLD 7446 4.6%

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Who will the Sup.'s support?

Riddle me this Red County Bloggers. I've been surprised in past BOS elections that the sitting members do so little to help elect the people they will have to serve with on the board. Sure they endorse candidates but beyond that I've never seen any real passionate campaigning. (fund raising using the power of their position or clearing the deck of other candidates) Why is that? In local council races it's common for sitting council members to work very hard to elect new members. Maybe some of you bloggers know the answer. Also, who do you see the current board and Bates supporting in this race???? How about the Democrat party or the O.C. GOP???

Cambell supports Bustamonte

I just spoke to someone who says Bustamonte is telling folks he's got Cambell backing him. Maybe someone else can verify that.


GGrover - Just because you are allowed to comment anonymously does not give you the right to insinuate that I am a liar. Take a deep breath and read the linked articles and my comment before yours.

Mark Leyes -- Xenophobia? Nah, two out of the three journalists who wrote the linked articles are not Asians. They got away with writing those articles.
My point was that one of the GG councilmember (Rosen) was mentioned by S. Greenhut as a possible violator of the Brown Act and should have been indicted by the DA. The other (Nguyen) came on the council at the end of '04 and did not support casino proposals while the rest of the GG council voted 3-2 to continue to be open to such proposals (OCR article 1/06).

Harry Krebs is history and is not running for supervisor (so far) thus I did not mention him or you. Broadwater did not go to Vegas and even though Dalton did attend the meeting with Wynn, he's not running for supervisor either.

Furthermore, if you didn't think GG or the OC would ever approve a casino, why did you frequent Vegas to see Wynn? http://www.wynnlasvegas.com

Mark Leyes

Quang, it's your turn to take a deep breath. You may be having nightmares about casinos in Garden Grove, but you are probably the only one.

Since you asked ... In 2004 I went to a previously scheduled conference in Las Vegas and agreed to a request from Wynn to meet with a city representative. I was interested in the answer to one question: would he develop a hotel/resort in Garden Grove WITHOUT a casino. His answer was "no." That revelation ended MY interest in Wynn's potential involvement in Garden Grove. BTW, that was the only time I was ever at the Wynn Hotel and it wasn't even finished yet. So much for "frequent(ing) Vegas to see Wynn."

The confidentiality agreement Wynn later requested would have been true to the motto of Las Vegas. But it certainly violated the spirit, if not the letter of, the Open Meeting laws of California.

But, again, why are we discussing this? With Harry Krebs "history" as you put it, is a Casino in Garden Grove a salient issue? Especially for a BOS race?


"is a Casino in Garden Grove a salient issue? Especially for a BOS race?"

We'll find out real soon.

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