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November 08, 2006


One Who Knows

Jeff Flint rocks!

Not only did he win Measure M, defeat Measure X and re-elect Curt Pringle, he and his partner helped kill Propositions 86 and 89...two of the most pernicious measures on the statewide ballot.

Better buy some of his stock right now as the price is sure to soar.


I'm surprised the Auto Club didn't make your list Jubal. AAA gave more money to Measure M than any of the others, not to mention the staff they devoted to the campaign as well. The Club's Lenzi, Beal and Bahadori all did a phenomenal job and should be applauded for their work on M's renewal (and for their work on 1A and 1B, too). Now that 1A, 1B and M passed, I think the Auto Club's stock just went up a few more points...as did the stock of the folks who worked to pass the measure.


The Dark Knights of Larry Agran? Surely you jest. Could it be as simple as Beth Krom being a better candidate and running a better race? You can't blame this on a stleath GOP candidate this time. Evil Genuis has only one definition -- Karl Rove.

Art Pedroza

We did OK in Santa Ana too - we took out two out of three Pulido puppets, even though the police and fire unions, and other special interests, spent over $100K on the lot of them. Si se puede!

Si Se Puede?

Art did you join the SEIU or something? Why the heck would you utter a union cheer?

Todd Priest

I agree. Jeff Flint did an incredible job on the Measure M campaign! It was terrific working with him and entire campaign staff.



The real winner in Irvine was Status Quo. All three of the polic endorsed Candidates, Krom, She, and Kang, won. Both school incumbents won as well. Interestingly, three of those five proudly accepted the Planned Parenthood endorsement. Anti-choice politics are not clear winner in education-oriented Irvine.

Moreover, you way over-rate Agran and his faction. The key to his success is that he keeps facing candidates that seem to think that they're running in Anaheim or Newport Beach - perhaps because so much of their money comes from out-of-town.

In the next post I'll give a more detailed post-mortem of the main losers in Irvine: The Team Irvine slate of Duong, Shea, and Mavity.



Larry Agran didn't need to be an Rovian genius to spank the half-hearted opponents he faced this year.

My post-mortem Team Irvine's efforts and Krom's success:

1. When your Irvine incumbent opponent charges you with being an out of town carpet bagger, perhaps responding with a massive robocall featuring a droning testimonial from the mayor of Westminster isn't the best response.

2. John Duong really stepped in it by not properly cloaking his key hit mailer, the one suggesting Beth Krom is a Communist that Jubal liked so much. Within days Beth Krom had proven Duoung had paid for the mailer and sent out an equally devastating counter-hit mailer showing Duoung not only paid for the distasteful mailer, but, in doing so, reminded anyone who cared that Duong's family was based in Westminster and did business with the Communists in Viet Nam.

3. There are still local politicos that need to learn that "Asian" is about as useful of a political cover-all "Hispanic." Yes, Irvine is about 40% "Asian" and growing, but only about 8% Vietnamese. Given that the fraternal love the Chinese and Viet Namese cultures have shared at such places Bạch Đằng River in 939 or, more recently Lào Cai (1979), Duoung didn't have an obvious resonsance with Irvine's "Asian" voting block. Sukhee Kang, being Korean, had a direct link to the second largest Asian community in Irvine - and raised a ton of money from them. There are plenty of conservative Republican Chinese in Irvine -- the Lincoln Club should run one next time around.

4. The TeamIrvine slate did include one serious pro, Christine Shea, but she ran an uncharacteristically limp campaign. Is it just me, or does she seem tired all the time nowadays? I am glad she remains on the council, but she was a listless campaigner compared to, say, her first Mayoral campaign. For example, TeamIrvine seemed to get far fewer door hangers out this year than past years while sending out at least dozen mailers, suggesting they had more money than volunteers.

5. Mavity was complete loss. No charisma, no money, no wider connections (he had served honorably but without distinction on the Woodbridge Village board) Team Irvine would have been better off running the Uni High Valedictorian -- that at least would have brought in the Chinese vote.

6. The TeamIrvine slate had a messaging problem: running on a no-growth platform ("70,000 more cars are coming" "Stop It" "Vote Duoung/Shea/Mavity") is an odd way to keep your OC conservative base on board. The GreatParkTeam are unabashed Social Progressives -- Krom and Gaido both attended Planned Parenthood's Party Political fundraiser, for example - so surely Team Irvine could have used a social issue as a frame to communicate to their base. As it was, a pro-growth conservative who didn't follow local politics could easily have assumed that s/he should vote against Team Irvine and their high profile NIMBYism .

7. Lastly, Beth Krom is a formidable candidate for Irvine in her own right. She's *everywhere*, and not just during election season. Most people I know who have met her have liked her. She has that essential political skill of acting like she's listening intently even when she's probably not. Election day she walked along the Irvine street most heavily used by locals (Culver) carrying a homemade sign that said "I am Beth Krom." Nice touch, and it reinforced her message that she was a local, while Duong had close ties Westminster and got most of his money from out of town.

I await Allan's report on how the campaign campaign looked from his side. ( I precinct walked for Krom)

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