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November 14, 2006


Andrew Davey

My goodness, this is the race that will never end! Well, at least this is a bit of cheerful news to this "bleeding liberal heart". I knew that Correa wasn't out of the race when Daucher was ahead by 833 over the weekend... Perhaps, Daucher shouldn't prepare her return to Sacramento so soon!


Shock and dismay...liberal Democrat Paul Mitchell is ready to throw our Republican Senator Lynn Daucher overboard. Next thing you know, Lou Banas will remember he was a Democrat.

Mitchell, who has previously predicted that Lynn would win, now offers that Correa could win by 62 votes. As I have said before, Mitchell's a liberal who was with Lynn win or tie.

Mitchell is doing just what Democrats want to do in Iraq--cut and run.

We're Republicans and we don't do that. We keep the faith and pray that Lynn wins in spite of that traitor Otto Bade.


Mitchell is doing just what Democrats want to do in Iraq--cut and run.

1. Ending the bleeding in Iraq isn't just the positiion of many (but not all) Democrats, it also happend to the opinion of a substantial majority of Americans, including a growing number of Republicans.

2. Reagan wisely pulled the Marine's from Lebanon, so the "shoot-and-scoot" crowd has plenty of good company.

3. Marines are taught to either attack or retreat: staying pinned down is the worst of all possible situations. It's been a long time since the US was on the offensive in Iraq -- we've largely given up daylight patrols in Anbar province -- so adhering to Marine Corps doctrine seems like a better idea than "Stay and Pray."

But I think we're supposed to be discussing the Daucher/Correa race, which happily is being fought by ballots instead of bullets.

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