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November 13, 2006



I can hardly wait for Paul Mitchell's pithy analysis. Like all Democrat liberals, he's never very accurate, especially when he's talking about other people's money or in this case, votes.

Let's face it, liberal Mitchell's with Lynn win or tie. Only Lou Banas could be more disloyal.

Bello Carlos feeling good!

I guess Carlos "Bello" Bustamonte is feeling good about his chances to run for Supervisor again!

Al Bundy

Don't count Lynn out yet. The Correa's best numbers show him catching Lynn. If all he does is "catch" Lynn - it could go either way.

Also, that assumes best possible circumstances for Correa. The last batch has early absentees mixed with election absenteees. The numbers will likely reflect this and Correa, even if he advances, won't advance as much as is needed.

Another big "but" is the number of Vietnamese provisionals. These will favor Lynn and it shouldn't be assumed that all provisions will come from Hispanics.

Andrew Davey

So much for this being a "lock" for Lynn! I just checked the Registrar's site, and they still have over 54,000 ballots countywide left to count. Lynn just might not return to Sacramento (at least not as a legislator) next year after all!


Lynn Daucher is a classy lady, who deserves to win this race. I don't agree with a lot of her positions, especially on abortion, but I worked really hard for her.

No one gave her a chance in this so-called Democrat seat, but she's proved them wrong. I think she prevails at the wire, in spite of Paul Mitchell and Lou Banas.

santa ana dem

We seem to be missing what was the biggest news of the day: the number of provisionals in SD34 was said by Kelley to be "about 5,000". This is a FAR higher number than Correa's folks had in mind, and will benefit his chances greatly.

Never count out Lou "Comeback" Correa!

SoCo Gal

Do we have an "anchor pool" on the final results? I'm sure Jubal could come up with the appropriate prize!

santa ana dem

According to Kelley, there are 5,000 provisionals in the 34th, making Mitchell's analysis way off.


The following was posted on Martin Wisckol's blog. Can anyone comment on the validity of this point?

    "Voters who came in from other areas were told that their “local office’s” will not be on the ballot they cast, and any “local office’s” votes they do cast will be void. If they decided to vote knowing the rules, they voted provisionally.

    Now the question is: If you voted outside of your precinct, will all the local elections be voided or just the ones you did not qualify for?

    It seems to me, that to keep the vote private, anyone voting outside of their own precinct will have all local offices voided. (Every office & measure below statewide) Even if the precinct they voted in has the exact same offices as their own precinct had.

    The only way to count legal votes and keep them secret is to keep the address of the voter separate from the vote.

    That means there is no way to determine a legal out of precinct local office/measure vote.

    The rules require that all parts of the ballot below statewide to be void.

    So after the paper ballots cast are counted, the close local races can be called.

The registrar does identify the person who is casting the ballot in order to ensure that they are registered. And as long as people from the 34th are voting nearby, it seems as though they would have a provisional that has the senate race on it.

I've never cast a provisional ballot, but maybe someone else has or can ask someone at the registrar's office.


I believe the "election day paper ballots" were cast by voters who were unable or unwilling to use the electronic machines. The Secretary of State told County Elections Officials that such ballots neeeded to be provided to voters upon request.
And thanks, Jubal, for this post. Much appreciated.

Dumb and Dumber

Thanks for the update. My hat is tilling toward Correa to pull this one off.

Where did you find Kelly's quote about 5,000 provisional ballots? Thanks


Does anyone know how many votes that traitor Otto Bade received? Without him, Lynn would be taking the oath of office.

Pete Fundy

Lynn Daucher is indeed a classy lady, although I'd hate for such a compliment to be confused with Bob's Classy Lady of Van Nuys, one of the nicer strip clubs in the LA area. Or, so I've heard.

A lot of us conservatives really worked hard for Daucher. Especially when it came to fighting back the laughs when she put on that Little Saigon costume. Boy, that was rich.

Warmly yours,
Pete Fundy
Senior Editorial Writer

Martin Wisckol

Kelley told me yesterday that he estimated 5,000 provisionals in the 34th race, and that he might have an exact number today. 50%-60% of these are anticipated to be valid. ... There were 694 write-ins cast electronically. We don't yet know how many more there are. This information has been reported in the Register and at http://blogs.ocregister.com/buzz/... Martin

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