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November 08, 2006


Mark Leyes

Now it shows all 377 of 377 precincts reporting and Daucher is still just 13 votes ahead. Good point about the uncounted absentees - if she only gets half the margin as the original batch (heck, if they split them down the middle) she will win.

Note that Lynn was NEVER behind. Quite impressive!


Sorry to rain on your Daucher parade, Mark, but recent OC electoral history in this area shows that "late" absentees trend toward Dems. Democrats tend to mail in their ballot with no time to spare. They also are more likely to drop it off on election day.
I'm not making any predictions, but this will likely go to provisionals, and maybe a recount.

Been Around

Late ABs tend to mirror the Election Day vote, while provisionals tend to favor DEMs.
Don't be surprised if Correa wins by 50 or so votes when it is all said and done.

Andrew Davey

Wow, 6:16, you've really "been around". I personally saw the good turnout in Santa Ana yesterday... And it's quite likely that many of those folks in Santa Ana were in line to turn in a late AV or cast a provisional ballot. Correa's no stranger of hard-fought close races, and I think he'll very narrowly pull through in the end.

In the meantime, all of us just have to be patient.

Ryan Gene

Santa Ana didn't have a good turnout yesterday.

Compared to previous elections, Santa Ana had its worst turnout in recent memory.

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