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November 02, 2006


Stop the Madness in CUSD

It is unbelievable to me, as a CUSD parent, voter, and taxpayer, that this schmoe was ever appointed to the CUSD board by those stupid incumbents to begin with, or that he was re-elected once. That actions happened under the cloak of the age of darkness in CUSD. Now that the truth about the incumbent Board members inept and corrupt managment has been well documented in the press and is being investigated by the OC District Attorney and Grand Jury, it would be beyond mycomprehension if this dunce is re-elected again. Every one interested in good government needs to get out the word that Casabianca needs to be retired from CUSD and replaced with his well endorsed challenger, Larry Christensen, along with his slate mates Anna Bryson and Ellen Addonizio.

Casabianca Is Corrupt

What could possess a man who was just subjected to a massive recall, a man who is under criminal investigation, a man who has lost all legitimate political support, to run for re-election?

Is it ego/arrogance? Stupidity? ...or does he really just need the taxpayers to keep paying for his $400/hour criminal defense lawyer?

All of the above

Up to his old tricks...again

This isn't the first time Casabianca has tried to use stale endorsements deceptively. It was on this blog that he was outed for posting out-of-date endorsements on the League of Women Voters Smart Voter Guide during this campaign and forced to remove them when he got caught. I guess that's the best he could do after the embarrassment of being turned down for an endorsement by the Republican Party of Orange County.

He's creeping me out!!!

The only thing missing from the picture of Casabianca and Bergeson is a bubble over Bergeson's head with the words "Who is this guy and why won't he let go of my hand?"

He's creeping me out!!!

Hey John, have any more pictures of public officials that you plan to photo shop into a mailer? If not, I have a few I'd be willing to depart with for the right price.

I vote Daley

It this the same Marian Bergerson who was a Supervisor in Orange County before she realized how much work it entailed and fled in the middle of her elected term to a cushy appointed State job in Sacramento?

Casabianca is better off not having any ties to her.

Being deceptive - troubling. It's a good thing only Casabianca is trying that move. I'd hate to see this technique catch on with other politicians....

Not to mention, the possible impact on tactics of others, like recall committees...

Deception would make for interesting times...

Oh well, gotta go vote. Early and often, as they say.

Nice try

Previous post by the Casabianca Committee for Deflection and Denial

The fact is, Casabianca has been caught misrepresenting his endorsements twice in this campaign. Accountability has never been a concern for Casabianca while serving as a Trustee. Why should he be concerned about it now?

Recall this....

Fact: "CUSD leaders illegally infiltrated the offices of the Registrar of Voters to review confidential recall petitions".

Deception: CUSD leaders drove on public streets, parked in a public parking lot and walked into the public lobby of the County Office Building where they stood at a public counter and asked to see the recall petitions.

Deception: The Registrar of Voters took the recall petitions from the files he maintained (which are not accessible to the public) and gave them to these CUSD leaders to view; something he later acknowledged he should not have done.

Recall this, too...

Fact: Casabianca engaged in illegal political campaigning when he carried campaign signs onto school property during a recent Tesoro High School football game where supporters held the signs in the bleachers.

Fact: Casabianca voted to approve former Superintendent Fleming's lucrative retirement package on the very day DA investigators raided Fleming's offices with a search warrant and subpoenas, ignoring public requests for an independent investigation of Fleming's aleged illegal and unethical activities, first.

Fact: Casabianca participated in illegal, closed-door school board meetings, regarded by experts as the worst violation of California's open meeting laws in 25 years.

Fact: Casabianca recently was forced to testify before the OC Grand Jury. (No surprise here).

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