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November 14, 2006


Art Pedroza

I hope I am wrong. I understand it might be impossible for Pulido to do this due to the Brown Act. Let's hope so...

I will have an update later tonight when I hear from my colleagues who are at the meeting.

That's Night Baseball!

More likely choice is Vince Sarmiento.

Santa Ana Sam

I hope that Tim Whitacre is appointed, so we can start a recall against him.

Art Pedroza

The meeting ended without a quorum. For a full update go to http://o-juice.blogspot.com/2006/11/pulidos-gambit-fails-for-lack-of.html. Pulido will try again on Thursday, at 6 pm.

Recall Carlos Bustamante

Tim Whitacre is being used AGAIN by Mayor Pulido as a smoke screen for his real choice, Vince Sarmiento.

Tim Whitacre wants that so seat badly that he posted signs on his lawn showing support for the Mayor's puppet candidate Villasenor.

Tim Whitacre will never allow all his dirty laundry to be aired during an election, so his only dream is appoinment.

Fat Chance Timmy

Mayor Pulido hates you worse than he hates the rest of us.

Pedroza Punch

See what happens when one drinks too much Pedroza Punch... Poor RCB...

Recall Carlos Bustamante

There is zero chance of Tim Whitacre getting appointed to anything other than anonymous poster of the year.

And to think poor Timmy worked so hard tearing down signs and tutoring that sweet girl from out of town about issues that concerned Timmy.

Semper fizzle is what happens to peoples reputations when they sell out.

Pedroza Punch

"Recall Carlos Bustamante" aka Art Pedroza,

You are a total wack job, dude. You are obsessed with Tim Whitacre. Oh look, he's behind you over there!

Recall Carlos Bustamonte

I'll bet it just kills poster Pedroza Punch to not write Semper Fi every time he pats himself on the back.

The folks crying that it will cost 200 K for an election are the same folks not saying a word when Pulido and crew hand out 385 K for a sign over main street or 200 K for aerial pictures or 150 K to the chamber for Pulido endorsements or 1.5 Million to Bowers or an extra 40 K to Townsend communications as hush money on behalf of Solorio.

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