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November 19, 2006


It's a Nguyen - Nguyen Situation!

There will only be one Nguyen running for BOS and he/she will be tough comp for Mr. Umberg.


Two Nguyens will run.

Janet Nguyen and
Tan Nguyen.

GO With Tan.



If more than one Nguyen runs it will be a dirty trick. Janet is the only one who can win.

Milk Man

Nobody on the Garden Grove City Council is going to win this special election to replace Correa - specifically Janet Nguyen.

But her ego will make her run and she will burn all of her money.

Viet but not Nguyen

i think this piece is outrageous. not all Vietnamese-Americans are named Nguyen you know. this is as culturally insensitive as you can get.
and definitely Tan Nguyen is no way representative of Vietnamese-American

Quang the drum slowly...

So are you saying there might be to Nguyen's and a Tran?

Quang the drum slowly...

I mean of course two Nguyens

How many Latino's will run?

The real question is how many Latino's will run? I understand there are many Hispanic candidates considering it as they want to keep this a Latino seat!


I heard Mark Leyes is running for supervisor.

Art Pedroza

Why would Tan run? He is a disgrace. Janet is clearly the best candidate in this race so far. The only other Republican candidate, Carlos Bustamante, is not worth our consideration. Believe me, the Democrats will not let this seat go without a fight. They will put up their own Latino candidate. Bustamante might very well come in last place in a crowded field...

Fiscal Hawk

Hey Art, what make you think that Janet will be the only Vietnamese candidate in this race? If there is another Vietnamese candidate challenging flanking Janet Nguyen, she will join Bustamante in the last place, in a crowded field.


If Leyes runs for anything in the future, I'd like him to explain why he took off on some taxpayer-paid junket when he only has a few weeks left on the council.
So much for being a fiscal conservative.


Maybe Art can be Janet's Chief of Staff.

Ryan Gene Williams in 2010!

I believe I read somewhere that Art Pedroza is running the Ryan Gene Williams for State Senate campaign against Correa in 2010.

Al Bundy

Which candidate will Van Tran support?

The Chef

Pedroza should stop spreading unconfirmed political rumors. Ryan Gene Williams was/is a joke. The kid is not even a college grad yet and he promptly quit the O-Juice like many others after he got creamed by Solorio.


The contest has been extended until 5 p.m. today. I will post an announcement tonight (after the next update on ocvote.com) about the first Nguyen to enter the race.

Stay tuned...

Luis Rodriguez

I think there will be three. Janet Nguyen will be one of them, a mystery Nguyen would be a 2nd, and the author of this post a third.

Andrew Davey

There will be two:

Janet Nguyen, of course, has been salivating over this seat since Lou first announced that he will run for State Senate.

Of course, I'm sure there will also be a Vietnamese-American "minor candidate" for all those folks who want to vote for "a Nguyen, but not THAT NGUYEN (Janet, that is)."

Ultimately, I think all the wildness willbe with the Latino candidates. The only person who has salivated over this seat more than Janet Nguyen is Carlos Bustamante... Count him in. Now as for Claudia Alvarez... I just don't see it happening, but if she does decide to run, she'll add a whole new level of melodrama to this race! Of course while I'm talking about melodramatic longshots, I wouldn't be surprised if Otto Bade throws his hat in the ring... Perhaps he'll draw some otherwise-Carlos votes.


1 Nguyen will run (Janet).
2 Vietnamese-Americans will run.

Nguyen at all costs!

If Otto Bade proved anything it's that you can't take the candidate mix for granted. No one's going to get a free ride on this one. There will be Viet candidates to take votes from Janet/Van/Tan , and Latino candidates to take votes from Bustamonte. For an open seat with a limited December to February campaign, it's really easy for people to encourage lots of the right people to run. I think the winner may not be the current cast of characters.


Just got word. Lou won by 1070 votes. Otto was in the 900s. So, decoy controversy is over. Onto the Supe race. I agree with OCNative. Winner will not be from the list of characters.

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