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November 13, 2006


Art Pedroza no es Bello tambien???

I'm suprised they did not profile the President of "Republicans for Correa" Art Pedroza? Maybe he'll be in next months issue! Ojala que si!

Art Pedroza

I am fairly confident that we will be voting Carlos off our city council in two years...


Carlos prommotes himself as Santa Ana burns (figuratively, of course). Here is Carlos' list of accomplishements:

1. The City closes its libraries and I do nothing.
2. Gang violence increases and I do nothing.
3. I work for the County and engage in City/Carlos business on the taxpayer dime.
4. I prmote myself as a Republican even though I act like a Democrat.

I want someone who will work, irrespctive of party affiliation. Carlos is not that person.

Gustavo Arellano

Hey Jubal: where did you buy a copy of the magazine? I saw it once at a Barnes and Noble more than a year ago but haven't seen it since!

Bello is as Bello does!

I'd like to see Gustavo's list of most and least Bello in O.C.!

Bye Bye Carlos

If Carlos votes to approve a new contract for SAFD tonight in a special meeting called by Mayor Pulido, he will lose any hope of re-election in 2008.

Stay home Carlos-save face.

Bustamonte will vote for juicy fire contract!

I predict Carlos will vote for the contract after making some lame rah rah speech about how hard firefighters work and say something about the recent wildfires.

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