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November 03, 2006



Well crap, if you're only using a password to secure your account that's pretty lame data security. Hire a computer foresnics expert to dig into the digital footprints. But if you only use a hook up to keep outsiders out, don't be surprised when it gets busted into pretty easily.

Sorry Bob...

Once again we see that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!!!

Orange Net News

Orange Net News obtained the registration information about the OUSD Candidate Kathy Moffat's website on-line at the WHO IS registration site of Network Solutions. No password was obtained, no laws were broken. Website information is legally available to anyone. In addition,no personnel information about Mr. McGowan was obtained from the site other than his address, which as a former Villa Park Councilman is readily avaiable and his telephone number. None of that information was included in our report except to report that his street address was the address used to register the website (we did mention the street but not the address).

Orange Net News

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