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November 03, 2006



California Conservatives Face Sticky Choice: Tax or Traffic

or tax and traffic

larry gilbert

Lurk. Thank you for the post and link to the Bloomberg article on Measure M. I just corresponded with Peter and received his response that opens, after thanking me for contacting him, by saying "you make some interesting points" etc.
I won't post that exchange in it's entirety other than to say I provided him with the opposition position as to why this Plan is flawed.
Again. Thanks!
Larry Gilbert

"you make some interesting points"

That is very compelling, Larry. Is that sorta like saying that girl over there has a real nice personalitly?

You won't post the exchange? Why not? We want to see facts? Don't you have facts?

Mark Leyes

While I always appreciate being quoted by the media, it is always interesting to see what gets printed, especially when one spends a considerable amount of time helping to bring out-of-area reporters up to speed on local issues.

I gave several breathtakingly profound arguments against Measure M to the Bloomberg reporter. Yet he chose to quote me as saying: "Some of my friends are sitting on their hands and looking the other way. They might hold their noses and vote for it."

Boy, can I mix my methaphors, or what!? And you've got to HAND it to conservatives, if they can sit on their hands while holding their noses (AND voting, to boot!)

larry gilbert

To Nov 3 8:35

The sad part of this Measure M debate is that we have documented the broken promises and flaws of Measure M. Some reporters continue to walk around wearing blinders and accept one side of the argument without verifying or challenging the source.
Mark is right. I too have been interviewed by representatives of the print and broadcast media and am amazed at what they edit and print for public consumption.
Without getting Peter's permission to post his entire correspondence I will keep it in my overflowing in-box for now.

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