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November 08, 2006


Reality Check

Maybe I can get a deal on Rudat's residence in Orange! I get the feeling she'll be moving out of town once the election is certified.

Jeremy Wayland

Congratulations Carolyn, Mark, and Denis,

The City of Orange is very blessed to be represented by individuals such as you. I want to congratulate you on your victories and look forward to the next several years of your leadership.

Carolyn will do an amazing job as our New Mayor and will bring Warmth, Compassion, and hometown Sensibilities to the Position. The leadership that she has brought to the city council will carry over to her new position as Mayor. Carolyn took the time to meet with me and from the time I got to speak with her, it was very obvious that this was a person that cared for the city of Orange and wanted to serve it, not for selfish or personal reasons; but to give back to the city itself. With her at the helm of the Orange Ship, one cannot help but look to the future with great optimism. Congratulations Orange, you have an amazing new leader.

What more can be said of Mark Murphy. In the time he has been Mayor, he has led this city with extreme grace and a charisma that will be a very tough act to follow. To know and meet Mark is to be in the very presence of the heart of the City of Orange. If you are fortunate enough to speak with him, you can’t help but walk away with a sense of civic pride that he imbues in those around him. The positive energy that he brings to City Hall is contagious, and can only lead to great things for Orange. He is a role model for myself and for many that one day hope to serve the city of Orange. Mark is the epitome of a great politician of the people and for the people. The city is indeed very lucky to continue to have him on the Council representing them.

I am very pleased to have Denis as the newest Councilman. He brings Honesty, Integrity and Intelligence to the position. In his time as Planning Commissioner, he has performed admirably and will bring the same great skill and decisive planning to the Council. I am very lucky to have met him, and it was indeed an honor to run against him. Denis will help to pour the new foundation of the next generation of City Leaders and will serve as a great template for those who follow in his footsteps. He will bring a great enthusiasm and vigor to the position. I look forward to his Council Tenure and his friendship in years to come.

The pride I feel for Orange’s future cannot be said in mere words. These new leaders that Orange has been fortunate to have elected will continue the grand tradition of Orange Pride and Community. Great things can only be expected, and the bar is set high. I have no doubt that these individuals will far exceed any expectations the city has. Congratulations Mark, Denis, and Carolyn; and Congratulations Orange. The real beneficiary in all of this. We are fortunate to live in a community that is known for our civic pride and duty; and continues to carry out the responsibility to elect the people that can properly do the job. Orange is thankful for all of you and looks forward to the next several years with you in command.

Remember in 2008 to vote Tita and Jon back in. This team of Mark, Carolyn, Denis, Tita, and Jon is the new Dream Team, and it would be foolish to break such a team up.

Best Wishes and Congratulations to you all.
Jeremy Wayland

Elroy El

Let's hope he doesn't get indicted tomorrow. Denis is off to rousing start.

Take A Hike Mike!

The voters of Orange have spoken!!! Carolyn Cavecche is our new Mayor of Orange. Mike Alvarez's lies, deceit and hypocrisy are not, and never have been welcomed here in Orange! CONGRATULATIONS MAYOR CAVECCHE!

Congratulations as well to Mark Murphy and Denis Bilodeau!!!

Orange truly does have the best leadership team in years! Cavecche, Murphy, Dumitru, Smith and Bilodeau...WOW!

In terms of Alvarez...Take A Hike Mike!


What is Wayland smoking? (And can I have some? Given Juan Pablo lost, I suspect the answer is no.)

OK, Denis won. But "Honesty and Integrity"? Get real. This guy was caught red-handed breaking the law, tearing down campaign signs - the private property of someone else. Sure, his political philosophy may be right (except for the respect for private property part), but I wouldn't want my kids watching his actions on the campaign trail as a modicum of honesty or integrity.

Both honesty and integrity require someone to do the right thing when no one is watching. In Denis's case, he failed. And the video camera was rolling.

Hopefully he will be convicted to show a lesson to others that you can't engage in vigilante justice on the campaign trail.

Darren Wm. Smith

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your support of my candidacy for Orange City Council. Even though I was not elected to the City Council, I will continue to work with City Officials to help make Orange the great city we know and love. My congratulations to my friends Mark Murphy and Denis Bilodeau on their victories for city council and my friend Carolyn Cavecche’s for mayor.
This has been a wonderful adventure in to Orange politics, and I look forward to the next chapter. I have been touched by your friendship, and humbled by your support. I look forward to working closely with my friends on the City Council Tita Smith, Jon Dumitru, Mark Murphy, Denis Bilodeau and Mayor Elect Carolyn Cavecche’s administration to lead our City in realizing our fullest potential.

Once again, THANK YOU for the confidence you have placed in me with your vote.
Sincerely and gratefully,

Darren Wm. Smith

It's time to come together...

Now that the election is over it's time for all of the candidates to come together and support the winners and encourage the losers. Carol should get involved on her Old Town Orange neighborhood and run again in two years. Many of your current council members ran several times before winning. She can get a feel for the issues and have better luck next time. I think Carol just needs a little work in a few areas and then she could be a good candidate.

Frank Finn

Congratulations Carolyn Caveche, Mark Murphy and Denis Bilodeau on your well deserved victories. Thank you to all those who supported my candidacy and voted for me, especially my wife who ran a one woman campaign. The experience of running in this race has been truly enlightening and I have learned a great deal about our fine city and the wonderful people who call it home. I also congratulate the other candidates who ran clean campaigns and worked very hard to make the democratic process work. I must admit, the informed voters of Orange have renewed my faith in the system, and changed my admittedly skeptical view of the current state of politics in no small part due to the efforts of bloggers to educate the rest of us (Thanks Jubal). Finally, congratulations to all those voters who suffered the endless mailers, repeated phone and robo-calls, the blight of signs on every corner, and the long lines at the poling stations. You should be proud of your participation, and revel in our collective victory. The City of Orange will be the better for it.

Frank Finn, former and future candidate for Orange City Council

Rudat's Revenge

I understand Dave and Carol Rudat's daughter has video of city workers removing her campaign signs this morning and plans on charging the city and the entire public works department with Grand Theft because of the large number of signs removed. Watch your local news at 11!

I thank the City of Orange for removing all these signs promptly. They are littering our beautiful city.
I want my neighborhood back.

Congratulations Denis!

Signs were removed

All signs posted in the city parkways, poles, stapled into trees, taped over stop signs were indeed taken down.

Someone please tell Carol she lost and it's over!

I noticed Carol Rudat still has campaign signs in her front yard. Can someone please let her know the election is over? You don't think the signs are still there because she has already moved back to her Newport beach home do you? I'm shocked!

Does Stephanie Rudat do weddings?

I was wondering if Carol Rudat's daughter Stephanie does videos for weddings because I'd like to hire her. She doesn't have to hide in the bushes for this job either! I would only ask that she use a tripod and better lighting because some of the recent examples of her work are a little shaky and dark. Thank you.

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