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November 08, 2006


Rudat's a loser too isn't she?

Can't you make Tom Wilson and Carol Rudat Co-Biggest losers?

Santa Ana Police & Fire Unions Lose Big!

The Santa Ana Police and Fire Unions are having a VERY tough time getting candidates elected in that city. They will only have supported two out seven councilmembers once Solorio moves to the Assembly. Might be a good time for contract negotiations!! I don't think future candidates will worry about getting those endorsements!

Thomas A Gordon

The police & fire endorsements are just "political payback" in return for taxpayer giveaways.

Michelle Martinez and Sal Tinajero won without the endorsements, hate mail, or abuse of the public trust.


How about Tom, Rudat and the enviro/greenie factions? They couldn't pass X, they lost Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, and the stalwarts who aren't afraid of development, like Bankhead in Fullerton and Moore in Brea, win big.

Comandante Agi

don't forget about Don Rumsfeld!


According to the Daily Pilot, Wilson did support DeYoung which, really is his prerogative.


Wilson has thrown his support to DeYoung, with whom he worked on environmental issues as a member of the Orange County Coastal Coalition, a group of local elected officials, which he founded, and against a commercial airport at the former U. S. Marine Air Base in El Toro.

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