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November 09, 2006


Wake up Orange County

Nobody in the 68th has lost as bad as Van has done. If his Absentte program was so good why did his buddies all lose. People need to learn this guy isn't that good. For god sakes Paul Lucas is a nobody... Van needs to take care of his own seat before trying to take over central county... If Lynn loses its Van's fault none of his slate won and they did this whole absentte thing.... Hello Dick Ackerman and Scott Baugh.....

Trung Diep Last place and over 20k spent on him and you could vote for 3

Trung Nguyen lost central committee you could vote and you could vote for 6 and then lost to Kay Barr who didn't do anything

John Duong Lost

Tri Ta lost and you could vote for 2


What happens to Denis if he is convicted?, not for taking the signs down, more seriously, for lying apparantly to the police as indicated from someone esle on this blog

Kind of like what happened to Martha Stewart.

Do we really want someone who would lie to the police about something they just did?

Reality Check

Lying to the police is a misdemeanor. The penalty isn't much more than the penalty for taking the sign down.

Martha lied during a federal investigation which falls under a different set of rules.

More than likely Dennis (if found guilty) will probably face some sort of community service, pay a fine and informal probation.


The question was really two part

Do you really want to be represented by a guy who panics and lies to the very police he is going to suppose to supervise as a council member.

Seems a pretty serious flaw not to own up to it and act like a wuse. What will he do next time with something more serious

Really, its not a question of if he would lie, hes proven that. the question is what would he do next

The whole campain was unseemly and Orange deserves better, both with Rudat and Denis.

I just dont understand why we have to settle for people like this

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