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November 21, 2006



Just remember. In contrast to previous cases, the governor does not appoint a replacement.

As a result of Measure V from 2002, the new supe will have to run and be elected.

OC Gal

How about John Hanna and Steve Rocco?


I'd add Joe Dunn to the list. Though I think he's leaning against. If he wants it, he's the immediate frontrunner.
And I read Felix Rocha somewhere.
Some of them are silly, I think.

You don't say?

Gee, Hanna, thanks for enlightening us. I guess we didn't realize that when Bill Campbell won a special election to the Board of Supervisors in 2003.


With regard to OC Gal's suggestions:

  • John Hanna lives in Orange, which is in Bill Campbell's Third Supervisorial District.

  • Steve Rocco, on the other hand, lives in Santa Ana, which is in the First Supervisorial District. He could run for Correa's seat. Man, that would be fun.
  • Publius2's Felix Rocha recollection comes from a comment on the O-Juice.

    Mark Leyes

    Felix Rocha is a long-serving member of the OC Board of Education and a previous candidate for higher office (67th AD in 1998). Although Rocha represents the "First" district on the OCBOE, the boundaries are slightly different than the county supes. Felix lives in Fountain Valley, which is IN the OCBOE 1st District and the OLD BOS 1st district. But FV was left out of the redrawn lines for BOS. Not to say that he won't run, but Rocha would have to re-register in Santa Ana or GG.

    Mark Leyes

    And I did not include Joe Dunn on the list, but I should have based on my own criteria. Speculation has moved away from Dunn as a candidate since he accepted the CEO position for the California Medical Association, but he still COULD be a candidate, and a formidable one at that.


    YDS, you may not visit this site often.

    When it was first suggested that Correa may run, someone here asked about the governor appointing someone else and I reminded that person about Measure V.

    Yes, for the anti-airport crowd this is obvious, since Measures W and V were almost linked in their importance to win. But if you were a bit familiar with the history of the supes, you would know that most of them started as "replacements."

    But, hey, why bother saying something of substance if anonymously snipping is so much easier. Certainly safer than fighting with the boss or the wife or kicking the dog.

    This BOS election will be Boss!

    Let's hope they have a candidates forum with all 57 candidates. I predict there will only be one Latino candidate and it will be Carlos Bustamonte. He's already got his peoples trying to clear other Hispanics out of the race. Mark my words, hit the ony latino with a chance to win and the other will be saying Adios to the idea very soon.

    Art Pedroza

    No - we will be saying Adios to Carlos in two years when we defeat him in Ward 3. Believe me, he has no shot at the BOS. Carlos has NO fan base in Santa Ana.

    This BOS election will be Boss!

    Art I think you may be wrong about this one. Carlos does not need a fan base in Santa Ana if he gets the guilt ridden rich white guys in Corona Del Mar to bank roll his campaign. Once the others see the money come rolling in then the other Latinos will do the right thing and stay out of the race. Latinos need to stick together and put their selfish ambitions aside and help get Carlos elected. He's the only Latino with a shot at the prize.

    no carlos fan

    If Carlos's leadership and skills on the S.A. City Council are any indication, he won't be a stellar Supervisor.

    Best thing to do is just not vote for him or donate money to him. Better yet, just discourage him to run. If he loses, he's gonna have a hell of a time trying to win re-election... especially if we have ward specific elections!

    No way Jose

    I predict about a dozen or so Latino males pulling papers to run, unless Carlos Bustamante mails me a check for $ 1000 pronto.


    Hey guys? How about me?

    Mark Leyes

    Okay, Rebecca. 32 candidates...

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