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November 03, 2006


Fullerton Conservative

It is too bad she did not include a Prop. 90 endorsement if she was going to spend this kind of money on an eminent domain mailer. Or did Dick Ackerman put his foot down and say NO.


Jubal---I'm surprised you posted this piece. What hutzpah by Lynn! She was the Wicked Eminent Domain Witch of the North while in Brea, rivaled only by Bulldozer Broadwater in Garden Grove for trampling on property owners rights. It wasn't until she got into this race that she found religion on this subject. Amazing.

By the way, I think her mail is very good(and alot of it) but this piece is just unbelievable.


I post mailers that get sent to me -- that doesn't mean I agree with them.

larry gilbert

Quick comments.
Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher did sign as one of 29 Assemblymembers to endorse the YES on 90 website.

Having sat next to Steve Greenhut at the June 2002 Garden Grove council meeting I did see and listen to "Bulldozer" (Mayor) Broadwater's attempt to raze up to 500 homes for a future theme park along Harbor Blvd. The city of Brea is the Orange County "poster child" for redevelopment abuse. However I am not aware of Lynn's involvement in their redevelopment activity.

And yes, Senator Ackerman claims to support property rights but he is not supportive of Prop 90. Well, if that were true, as the Republican leader in the Senate, than why did he fail to encourage Republican Senators to support Senator Kehoe's original text SB 1206 "containing metrics" that would truly define "blight."
Larry Gilbert

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