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November 16, 2006


SoCo Gal

It's hard to believe that someone would forever want to be known as a "spoiler." Too bad this race wasn't a straight-up contest between Lynn and Lou. Ah, but now we have a special election for Supe to look forward to I guess.

"I'm going to mail Otto Bade a voter registration form inviting him to re-register as a Democrat."

Send one to Daucher while you're at it!


this feels like the last girl i was flirting with....what a freaking tease.



this feels like the last girl i was flirting with....what a freaking tease.


Way to Go  OTTO!!!

Well all you Republican die-hards, looks like Ol' Otto Bade served up his own version of Payback for the screwing he got from the Dale Dykema-Rich Wagner Crew when they conned him in to running in the 69th, then hung him out to flail in the wind ALONE.

I see Otto's role in torpedoing the Republican chances of retaking the 34th as an Ice Cold version of revenge wrought upon Scott Baugh and the other Fools who write off ever taking back Santa Ana for the GOP.

How much would you like to bet Otto runs as a Dem next time arond for Santa Ana City Council???

santa ana dem

Don't crown Otto the spoiler just yet. If the provisionals continue to go for Lou at this rate, he might win by more votes than Otto receives.

Andrew Davey

Ah, what a relief! Lou's finally ahead, with a few thousand more provisionals left to count. Well, so much for the (misguided) view that Lynn had "a lock" on this seat last weekend!


Where's that lame brained liberal Paul Mitchell? Probably congratulating Lou Correa and telling him was with him all the way. I'm sure Lou Banas is right there with him.

Elroy El

That shrieking sound you hear is the cacophony of Art watching his beach head slide back into the ocean and Ackerman's watching millions of dollars being snatched away a dollar at a time.

Stockholm Steve

One more of many victories for the unions. Never mess with people who have the ability to take unlimited campaign money directly out of people's paychecks -- unless of course you're a movie star or a billionaire.


True that both Elroy El and Stockholm Steve

The Fat Lady Sings!

Turn out the lights Dick (Ackerman)! It's over. I predict Lou and his wife have one more child and name him Otto!

aria ghafari

Stockholm Steve:

union membership has the right to request their dues not go to political campaigns, everyone knows that

Don't Screw With Bruce

I doubt Bruce M will have any trouble getting in to see Sen. Correa when he wants to lobby on trailer parks.

Stockholm Steve

Aria, you're quite right, union members can request their money back. Actually getting it back is another story.

The smartest guys in the room though are the public employee unions who get the government to collect their campaign funds using public resources. That is sheer genius. Not only do you get the cash, you save all that time when you'd otherwise be fundraising. Allows you to go out and protest others who have to hold fundraisers. How sweet is that?

Art Pedroza

Elroy El,

It is too bad that Correa is winning, but I am ecstatic that Miguel Pulido's grip on my city has been broken - he got punked again tonight. I look forward to helping to defeat Carlos Bustamante when he runs for Correa's seat on the BOS.

I do hope however that Daucher will prevail in the 34th.

aria ghafari

stockholm steve,

are you speaking from experience or persumption? my father is in the university of california's UPTE union which is under the CWA umbrella, and has friends who have opted out their dues going towards, and they havent had big problems in getting it back. are you a union member?

aria ghafari

a follow up:

should stock holders in corporations have a say where the corporate pac dues should be pointed? what if the stock holders arent being directly invested but coming through things like ira's?

Elroy El

That is sheer genius. Not only do you get the cash, you save all that time when you'd otherwise be fundraising.

Steve. The United Way is allowed the same privileges. Should they and others be barred from having employee contributions from being directly deducted?

And Aria has an interesting point. Corporations aren't required to submit PAC spending plans to their stockholders prior to candidate contributions. Shouldn't that be required so that stockholders can either request their investment dollars be either refunded prior to that contribution?


Who was the Sacramento based consultant who produced the mail for Otto? Was he/she a Republican?

Bade ... what he up to? His family ... from Latin America maaan ... daddy working for the CIA maaan ...


Elroy, even the United Way has to get permission once a year to make deductions, Isn't that fair for unions, too?

Stockholders VOLUNTARILY purchase stock, it is not a condition of employment.

Keep trying...

Lou is up by 783

Elroy El

Sorry Spock. United Way only asks if you want to keep contributing to the same charity. If you don't respond, the default activity is to keep deducting. Only the money goes to the United Way's organization to be distributed at their discretion.

And you completely miss the point. I can buy stock voluntarily knowing the history of their PAC's contributions. But they are under no obligation to notify me of their contributions to candidates and issues in a current election cycle. I can only sell my stock after the fact.

This was all rehashed during the Prop 75 debate. Sorry you missed it.

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