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October 17, 2006


Jennifers Dad

Mr Whitacre,

If my daughter loses her race against Sal can I get the money I paid you back?

See at dinner son.

Ryan Gene Williams  Future Cell Mate

Don't worry Ryan...jail is not as bad as they say. I'll protect you from the other guys in here and you can have the top bunk. Please don't forget your cowboy hat and chaps. Bubba

Just when things get a little dicy for Tim, another Republican takes the heat. Way to go Tan!

Whitacre shames the GOP

Hey Whitacre,

I hear you have endorsed several Democrats.

Say it ain't true.

Art's your daddy Ryan!

When will this joke of an assembly candidate Ryan Jean Williams quit calling Art Pedroza his daddy and learn to fight his own fights. Pretty hard to take you seriously Ryan Jean when your potentially criminal past is brought up and you hide behind Art Pedroza's skirts. You are femenizing our party!

Whitacre helps the Dem's

When will Whitacre fess up and just admit that he is assisting Democrats as a quid pro quo for Mayor Pulido.

I challenge the anonymous posters / Tim Whitacre to post a statement either confirming or denying.

Art Pedroza's Mini-Me is named Ryan Jean Williams

When will Ryan Jean Williams admit he broke the law when he filed to run for office because of residency requirements and plead guilty or no contest. You will feel better after you go public Ryan Jean. That little voice inside you is telling you to ignore Art and to the right thing!

WHitacre = Judas

Timmy is a totally discredited hack.

Caught, busted and shamed.

The soon to be published documentation will seal Timmy's fate.

WHitacre lies

Hey Whitacre,

Quit crowing and file charges.

That is if your not just full of it.

No charges filed will mean your just a liar.

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