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October 17, 2006



And I should care because...

Art's Mom

Why you listening to Mijo? He talks crazy. Whitacre is a good boy.

No Name Needed


I would suppect that someone did not get to the CVS and their meds ran out

No Name Needed


I would suppect that someone did not get to the CVS and their meds ran out

Green Machine

During the election for Sheriff, Whitacre was a caustic and divisive force within the Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs and the OCSD. He apparently has the same effect on the Republican Party. The guy is like a cancer on everything he involves himself in.

Sooner or later he will alienate himself from everyone he associates with...hopefully sooner!


In fairness to Tim, he did not -- contrary to Art's characterization on Orange Juice -- stand up "against" Pat Bates at central Committee on Monday.

Tim was very explicit in asserting, several times, his support for Pat. He opposed the endorsement for essentially procedural reasons and the belief that DeYoung's comments to Democrats and about the OC GOp didn't rise to "extraordinary circumstances." I disagree with Tim, but it's a matter on which reasonable people can disagree.

Santa Ana Republican

Pedroza has a long history of spewing forth conjecture to support his own agenda, he also has a long history of spewing forth lies and inuendo whenever he doesn't get his way or when others disagree with him. The post on Orange Juice is no different.

The only reason Jozef is posting anything here is becasue he is Ryan Gene's alternate and was asked to do so. I highly doubt any phone call was made to Whitacre before posting anything, was there Jozef?

The more important question that should be asked of Pedroza and Ryan Gene is what are they going to do about the residency issue regarding Ryan? Apparently, it has been discovered that Williams doesn't live in the 69th and never has. He has apparently used the address of a former GOP central committee member, Abie Garica to file false documents with the registar of voters office in order to run for both the assembly and the GOP central committee. From what I understand, Pedroza thinks that's okay and Whitacre doesn't which is why Williams' nose is out of joint and now has Jozef doing his bidding. Jozef, were you aware that your friend apparently broke the law for his own self-serving interests? Is that an important fact for you to investigate? There was even two responses deleted from the same post you are refering to in which Ryan Gene admits to a "residency issue." One of them was from someone who caught the mistake by Williams and called him on it. Both Pedroza and Williams are bloggers there and can delete anything. They sure got rid of that screw up, but boy, they sure did leave up some anonymous crap about Whitacre...

Sorry Jozef, but Whitacre has a proven track record of looking out for the best interest of the GOP, just as Jubal noted. He's also gone to the mat on more than one occasion for Santa Ana from the recall of Nativo Lopez to testifying before the state regarding keeping the 4th court of appeals in Santa Ana.

As for Pedroza, he only looks out for himself and tries to inject himself in all situations in order to gain favor with others. Williams? He's looking for a free ride.

Jozef, next time do your homework before you rip on a good Republican. You really stuck your foot in your mouth on this one.
The Orange Juice blog is the last place to get accurate information on anyone Perdroza is writing about. Everyone here at OC Blog knows that and pretty much dismisses most of what he has to say.

I defer to Whitacre's judgement on the Santa Ana races. win. Semper Fi, Tim. Carry on.

Uh Oh Williams

It's true. A public records search with the Registrar's office confrimed that the address Mr. Ryan Gene Williams used on his nomination papers are one and the same as a Mr. Abie Garcia, former associate of the OC Republican party. What's up with that?
This is too much fun, don't you Repugs ever do anything legal?

First Rudat and now Ryan

Rudat owned a second home to fake her residency but I think the 20 year old Repubican, Ryan Jean Willians is SOL. Can he get jail time for this or just probation if he does not have any prior's in Texas? And don't think that some Dem.'s not going to pursue this Ryan because you have no chance of winning. They will put a P.I. on you just to embarass your Republican Party. Way to go Ryan, you have brought shame you yourself, your family, and your party. Why didn't you just rent a room from Art Pedroza since he is your mentor. Heck, Madonna is doing it, he could have adopted you. Instead you and Art and the whole OC GOP will be blamed. Thanks for nothing!

Art Pedroza's a RINO

Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican."

Art Pedroza: As punishment for what you have done to Mr. Whitacre you must right the above quote 100 times!

Art Pedroza's a RINO

you can write it too. (So used to avoiding the left I wrote right)


No, no, no PLEASE don't get me wrong. I'm not saying necessarily that Tim is doing what is alleged. In fact, in my post, I said "Tim, IF THESE CHARGES ARE TRUE,...". I'm the first one to take these allegations of supporting "the other side" with a large grain of salt.

Yes, while I am Ryan's alternate on the Central Committee, I also am far removed from the "69th crowd". There appears to be turmoil within the 69th AD Republicans, and this is really the first I have heard of it.

Also, say what you want about Art Pedroza, but he genuinely cares about Santa Ana and I'm pretty sure he is a good weather vane for that ciudad.

Tim Whitacre


You should have contacted me first before posting anything. Shame on you, my friend. Had you done so, I'm sure your post never would have existed. We're okay, just be more careful next time.

I am not going to respond to Mr. Pedroza's diatribe presented through his jaundiced eyes on Orange Juice, since it pertains to a confidential Caucus meeting of the 69th A.D. that took place following Central Committee on Monday night.

Jubal set the record straight here (Thank you, Sir)and others did as well on Orange Juice, regarding Perdroza's attempt to malign the content of my comments at Central Committee.

Suffice it to say that Pedroza violated the confidentiality of the meeting that we all agreed upon. We even made it very clear to him that nothing was to appear on the blog.
Sadly, nothing you say to him can be trusted to keep in confidence. As for rest of the content of his post, it was about as accurate as the first part that Jubal corrected. That's all I'm going to say.

We have an election in 20 days and some very competitive races to see through to the finish. Let's fix bayonets and take the winnable hills!

Semper Fi,

Tim Whitacre

Semper Lier


What do you have to offer for the city of Santa Ana? Again, how can you expect to be appointed to Ward 1 when you cannot even relate to the issues of our city? By supporting candidates like Villasenor who doesn't even live in our city and probably doesn't even know the issues of our city to represent our community...Shame on you!!!

Not falling for it.

I hold in my hand the last 24 months of sign in sheets from the Riverview West neighborhood association.

Not only does the name Jennifer Villasenor NOT appear on any of these, neither do the names of her Mother or Father.

On her webpage she states "I support the Neighborhood Associations"

She might support them, but she sure does not bother showing up to them in "her own community"

Too bad that community ain't Santa Ana.

Whitacre busted


Put an end to this once and for all.

Break out your cell phone records for the last 3 months.

Did'nt think so.

Too many calls to Solorio, Bustamante and Villasenor.

Art Pedroza

If Tim had succeeded on Monday, Pat Bates would not have been endorsed. It is really that simple. He clearly stood against her - while telling us he supported her. That is doublespeak at its worst. And no less than three lawyers found his argument to be specious. His actions were shameful.

Now he is saying that our caucus meeting was supposed to be some kind of secret. It was held after the PUBLIC central committee meeting, in a PUBLIC venue, and there were two people at the meeting who were not members of the caucus. How was this meeting a secret?

If anything, Tim has a lot to answer for because Ryan confided in him and he has spent the last week ripping him apart. Shame on Tim for attacking a young man half his age. Who benefits from said attack? Only one person - Jose Solorio - the Democrat Ryan is running against. And why would Tim help him? Simple - by Tim's own admission, during our caucus meeting, he is on the "short list" to replace Solorio on the Santa Ana City Council if Solorio wins in November and heads to Sacramento. Clearly Tim has cut a deal with Solorio and Pulido to get Sollorio's seat. The price? Working against our Republican candidates.

Finally, Tim now says he wants to fix bayonets and win in November. But exactly which Republicans is he helping? He has done NOTHING for any Republicans in my area for weeks now. He is clearly helping the Democrats only. He even told one of our candidates that he is voting against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

On Monday I asked Tim, given the situation , to resign as our caucus chair and allow someone else on the committee to take over. I did not want the position. I was going to nominate Oscar Garza or James Vanderbilt. I lost the motion by one vote. So Tim, the biggest Republican turncoat in Santa Ana, is still leading our caucus - right into a sinkhole.

Thank you Jozef for letting your readers know what is going on. A lot of us were fooled by Tim - but the truth is out there now and I hope he won't be able to fool anyone else again. He has chosen the path to power instead of the GOP. He will have to live with that decision.

Hey look everybody!

It's Pedroza and Williams slamming Tim anonymously again.

Oh...Ryan where do you really live so I can send you a card, c/o Art???


Thanks for addressing these rumors, Tim. That's all I really wanted--to hear from you, being as you haven't really seemed to have had a chance to defend yourself.

It wasn't the Pat Bates thing that caught my attention because I have heard you say several times your reasons for not wishing her to be endorsed by the OC GOP. I was more perplexed by the talk of you supporting the...we'll say, "less conservative" local candidates. This seemed truly out of character for you, someone who I know to hold conservative values.

You are right, though, we do have some very competitive races to win this coming November 7th, so let's get to it

Art Pedroza


I don't post anon - that is Tim's specialty.

And Jozef - Tim has had every chance to explain himself. He is still a full member of the blog team at the Orange Juice. He just prefers to do it anonymously - with the exception of his post today following your post.

I also used to think that Tim had conservative values. And perhaps he does - I know he is pro-life, for example. However, his behavior in my city is pathetic - he has been busy building up the Democrats, not the Republicans. It is disgusting to those of us who value the GOP.

Jarhead Jamoboree

I love Tim Whitacre's comment about fixing bayonets and taking the "winnable hills".

So we don't take a stand and fight for Republican principles? We don't support local Republicans when the odds are stacked against them? We only fight when it's winnable?

Coming from a guy who is as full of bravado as Tim, one can only conclude that he's sold his soul for a seat on the city council.

It may be one thing to not waste effort on a losing cause, but its another thing entirely to support a Democratic candidate when a Republican is vying for the same seat.

Situational values seem to abound in Tim W's moral code.

Momma said

The truth - as told by Art Pedroza, is an oxymoron.

Give it a rest Pedroza, nobody buys your fertilizer. Go help poor little Ryan pack for his trip back to Texas. You both are shameless repugs!

Art Pedroza


C'mon Tim - just use your name. The anon posts are getting tiresome.

BTW, why don't you try sticking to the issues at hand? Can't rebut my points can you? The truth is very clear. Tim is helping only Dem candidates as we head to November. And he is telling folks that he won't even be voting for our Governor. What does your Momma have to say about that?

Art Mom


Take your meds and go to bed. You've done enough for one day. Don't forget to tuck in Ryan.


Don't blame Art for taking a stand and bringing up your dirty laundry out. You caused this onto yourself by selling out to Pulido and supporting candidates who you know do not care or even have the experience to deal with SA's problems.

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