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October 23, 2006



One thing is for sure, Tan Nguyen is one ugly man. Whoah baby, what a disappointment !! After looking at all of his GQ, studio, air brushed, photoshop, Mug all throughout Orange County, what a surprise that he turned out to be one ugly man, thanks to television. And his voice sounded like a whiny little boy. "it's a big fat lie, i tell ya" big and fat, you know what I'm saying, it's big and it's fat, and it's a lie; that makes it a big fat lie. Ya hear me !!
Waaaaahhhh, I want my Mommyyyyy.

Elroy El

I'm no expert in campaigns and campaign finance.

But would it be a good thing or bad thing if Tan admits under oath that Scott Baugh promised support from the OC GOP?


Goota hand it to Tran, as he does a great job representing the “nouveau republicans” – the ones being endorsed by the association of Police Chiefs, and the ones endorsing Pat Bates.

Tran does an excellent job of imitating and angry Clinton and Kerry’s Waffles: I fired the guilty before my lawyer to me she was innocent!

Strong Coffee

Read the letter. Tan complains about a lack of support from the party.


Re: "Strong Coffee” - Where is the strength? Certainly not in the character!

....strong coffee has a few neurons missing......

Of course Tran now complains that the “nouveau republicans” have abandoned him - why not?

But then of course, Tran complains about everything, like "poor me Pat Bates".

Suggest you cut down on the caffeine! And by the way, if you have not noticed, you are in America, the Land...but then you would not understand - perhaps Tran's lawyer can explain it to you in terms you can understand.

get the name right cotoblogzz...it's TAN not TRAN!

..thanks for the correction...TRAN is more appropriate – as in TRANsitional, or TransDemoBlican

Great catchy slogan for Tran – “ Not Afraid to tell it like it is” ….seems you forgot the third part:

“Not afraid to tell it like it ain’t!”

"That is one stale poll."

Can anyone out there post a copy of the POS poll he is citing?


It's a poll taken by Tan himself. He went around his office, asking "You'd vote for me, wouldn't you"? See, 6 out 10 people in his office would vote for him over Sanchez.

Goooo Tan.


I wonder how much support OC-GOP give to Dr. Alexandria Coronado in election 2004.

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