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October 11, 2006


Mike DeFreitas

What an amazing coincidence! I was just thinking about how badly Congress needs another corrupt Republican. :P


Loretta would crush Van like she will Tan


Funny, I thought Duong was running for mayor Irvine, not San Jose.

Can anyone tell me how common it is for city officials to be fundraising four hundred miles from home? I guess Duong doesn't feel his $100,000 war chest (approaching $2/voter) is big enough.

Allan Bartlett

Tyler, when you have to run against Larry Agran and his Hometowntown Voter Guide, no amount of money is enough to raise to oppose him. Beth, Sukhee, and Mary Gaido don't really need to raise money when you have a slush fund like HVG that doesn't comply with campaign donation limits.

Powder Blue Report


the same sort of slush fund the Lincoln Club provides Republican candidates and Republican Voter Guides provide. People do not vote on the basis on a flyer in the mail.

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