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October 23, 2006



Let Loretta sleep until the day after Nov. 7. Then she'll know what will hit her in the face. In the meantime, Tan is not going away anywhere.

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!

Tan is the "Rudy" of our generation. Just who exactly is that special candidate you speak of that should run? Who? That's what I thought, you don't have anyone to run so let's stick with the guy who put $400,000 of his own cash in the race. Don't buy into the sell out gang led by Scot Baugh! Vote for Tan, early..and often!


Yeah! Let's get back to the stuff that's really important!

Did you know that Carol Rudat doesn't really live in Orange?

AD 69

any word on the Ryan Gene Williams residency?

Alex B-Z

I posted on this topic over on The Blotter today. Seriously - what's the idea? It's distracting from other races.
EXAMPLE: I hear Jim Brandt wiped the podium with Dana Rohrabacher today - not once but twice. Not a lot of chatter on that one I see. Nope; even though Nguyen never stood a chance and now has lost almost all credibility, as Seneca said, it's all Tan, Tan Tan.
What an abominable pity.


Good article


Seneca -

I suppose we are like comedians - Tan is keeping us occupied and providing grat material. Then again, how many of us rubberneck an auto accident? We also have a facination for freak shows.

Otherwise, this is getting dull

Let's see...the 47th District is close between Republicans and Democrats (6% advantage to Dems) and you have nearly 20% of the district is registered Asians (some of which are Dems). How can you say this wouldn't have been close. Are you really that dumb? Probably!

Elroy El

"How can you say this wouldn't have been close."

Now that Nguyen has disgraced himself and given the GOP yet another black eye that is the current spin.

Prior to that he was the best thing since sliced bread. Especially since he was willing to drop a ton of his own cash into the race.

Too clever by half I say.


To the poster who believes I'm probably dumb. It seems you base Tan's prospects of being elected primarily on the district's ethnic background. You mention that 20% of the district is registered Asian, so what are you implying, that Asians will automatically vote for an Asian candidate regardless of his inexperience and lack of political experience and platform. I have far more faith in the electorate’s ability to sniff out an opportunistic, self financing baseless politician than you do. Regardless, I'm done with this issue, I guarantee you Tan will lose, and will never gain a prominent elected office. You can apologize in a few weeks.

Seneca -
You hope to find "someone who can compete against Ms. Sanchez" next time.
Start looking today for 2008. Good luck finding this mythical candidate. There is simply no Republian in CD47 who stands a chance against Loretta. She is as safe an incumbent as any Republican Congressman in the rest of OC.
The sooner you admit that and focus on the races that Republicans CAN still win, the better you'll sleep at night.

Deport Tan Nguyen

I have to admit, it sure is fun watching the rethugs self-destruct :)


The "average voter" isn't a political hack like you. And yes a lot of people vote simply because of the ethnicity of a person. I feel that before this incident, Tan's chances were good. So yes, I feel that you are a dumb political hack who is close minded.


Thank you.

Richard Alfaro


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