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October 23, 2006



You mean like "there was not hate crime; no love crime"? He didn't hit or kiss anyone I guess. Or uuuhhh like "it's a big fat lie", not just a lie, but a BIG FAT one. That makes it much worse than a regular lie.


I actually agree with you on this one. He didn't get it 2 yeears ago and he still doesn't.

I listening to his press conference from yesterday; is Tan now blaming the people who got the letter for not understanding what was written?

Would someone please give the man a shovel?


No -- someone needs to take Tan's shovel away. He hasn't learned the first rule of getting out of a hole, which is to stop digging!


"No -- someone needs to take Tan's shovel away."

No, Jubal, Tan is a lost cause...
You might as well let him keep his shovel, and let him dig his own grave for his political career.


Actually, I considered suggesting someone take his shovel away - but I changed my mind. Tan seems to be enjoying himself too much.


Nguyen would benefit tremendously by using a buzzword generator – he could for example, consider a fourth-generation transitional scenario, for his next reason to fire an employee who had nothing to do with a letter he never knew about, but was perfectly legal, according to his attorney!


What's wrong with "Afro-Americans"? I googled and found the following sites using that word

Dave Swanson

A good consultant would also tell you not to pretend like you're modeling for a Macy's catalog in your mail pieces

No Illegals

Strange Republican site here. Some of you are taking Tan on for his English speaking skills. It's clear that he doesn't speak or write in Engish as well as 3rd or 4th generation Americans. Too bad you are too- busy attacking him without seeing what he is trying to say. Illegal immigration benefits a few, but not the majority, and that, we are a nation of laws.

Afro-Americans for Tan!

Looks like Tan is not afraid of the the Red County Blog or the big wigs of either party. Good for you Tan!


Is love a crime? Can love be a crime? Is there such a thing as love crime? :)

Afro American

Live and win in the world

Black, Afro-American, Negro

Thanks Jubal for keeping us up to date with terms used for people of Color. So should he have used the term so popular with today's Rap singers for their own people? What term is the hip current term being used? Do tell Jubal!


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