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October 23, 2006



Until a few days ago, nobody had ever heard of Tan. Now he is a regular on the most popular talk shows in town. Maybe he is not so dumb after-all.

Gustavo Arellano

JohnKen said he would appear Wednesday, and that's what I have on the post--unless they changed it after I turned them off!


There is an old saying that there is no such a thing as bad-publicity. This is certainly the case for politicians, whether wannabees, like Nguyen or otherwise.

This is where cynics think that collective intelligence is an oxymoron and people at large should not be allowed to vote, given they are too stupid. We of course do not subscribe to than notion: Foley me once, shame on Tan, Foley me twice, shame on me!


These two blow hards show is the perfect place for Tan.

Disingenuous sell out broadcasters and even more naive listeners make for a HUGE uproar.

Unfortunately for Tan, not enough to be elected dog catcher.

Free Tan!

Tan is going to do a lot better than many think. Just watch!

I would guess that the 50 or so John & Ken listeners who vote in CD47 already had their minds made up before the letter and before this radio show.
Net Gain - ZERO
Look how well the John & Ken strategy worked for Minuteman Gilchrist back in the Special for CD47. We're not calling him Congressman Minuteman. Nor will we. Ever.


Gilchrist got 25% of the vote and - woe to those who profit from illegal immigration - on election day, more people voted for Gilchrist than for Campbell:

tinyurl.com/y39vh3 (IBD editorial)

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