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October 19, 2006


One big mistake always follows another. This guy is proving real fast that he doesn't deserve to hold even the Office of the Dog Catcher.


"Re: Tan Nguyen Says It Was A Staffer"

Foley says it was a priest. You have to give it to the Speaker who says the buck stops Here!

Duke says it was his addiction.

Jerry MoonBeam Brown says it was LSD

Clinton says it all depends what is, is.

It is always easier for elected officials to blame others than take responsibility for their own actions!

gettin a tan

Who was the mystery staffer? Let me guess, you never got his name.


Hold on guys. Tan is demonstrating the time-tested methods of many politicians in Washington: deny, stonewall, deny, claim ignorance, deny, stonewall, launch missles, deny, stonewall, claim executive privilege, stall, blame unnamed underlings, deny, etc. If he's good enough at it maybe he should be a congressman.

Elroy El

Jubal and the rest of the blogpen have to be ecstatic.

I bet the hit count today is the best they've seen in months.

It's wasn't Ryan Flynn, keep trying Jubal!!!

john chang

to the people who read and follow mr. tan nguyen's stories:

the people have the saying: "take the loss and move on". if mr. tan nguyen was a smart politician/leader, he did not have to send those kind of letters to anyone; his leadership skill would do just fine if he had any leadership skill at all. a competent politician/leader would have his leadership skill transparency among his community and he'd win the race as easy as eating his piece of cheesecake. well, apparently, he does not have any leadership skill, but just talk coming out of his ass. and so we, vietnamese-american don't need a not-so-smart leader to represent us. what we need is one who can represent us vietnamese-american as well as all american in this country with the old fashion values; such as integrity and honesty.

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