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October 22, 2006


Bad News Bears

I bet the voters withdraw for him.

No Illegals

I bet his contributions went through the roof from the anti-illegal immigration side. The yahoo blogs are full tilt in support of him. 10's of thousands of people there spoke out in support. Only the pro-illegal immigrant people are hammering him just because his campaign reminded illegals they can't vote and over one mis-interpreted word. I haven't heard anything about him being charged, and he won't be. It's the supporters of MECHA pushing this issue and the Republicans bought it. Good thing this is one politician who has the balls to stand up to the anti-American attack. Anyone hacking on him should go fly the Mexican flag in downtown L.A. seeing that you're nothing more than haters of the law and our country.

The Mechanical Eye

Whoa there, "No Illegals." I know you want to rid the OC of its invading, malevolent hordes of Mexican gardeners. But let's just assume, for a moment, this was a simple case of mistranslation (an increasingly doubtful explanation). The letter's intent is still an insult to the hispanic Democrats meant to read it. It assumes that the reader might be breaking the law and that they should be afraid if they are an "immigrant," illegal or not.

As a Republican, I'm don't usually trust breezy Democratic allegations of voter supression by the GOP. But this sounds like the real deal - an insulting, patronizing attempt to scare latinos weeks before an election from voting.

What Nguyen did was an attack on the electoral system, and turning this into another bombastic, populist anti-immigration cause-celebre might excite the talk radio hosts, but it won't help Orange County one bit.


Tan and Van Tran were very close. If he would not return Van's call -that says a lot.

Tan and Van are not that close. Plus, I know at least 10 people that Scott knows very well with Tan's home and cell phone number. Scott didn't try that hard to get hold of Tan. Otherwise I, plus 9 other people would have gotten a call from Scott.


Many people have Tan's numbers...

I just got off the phone with Van. He didn't try to call Tan personally. The two were/are not close.

Lynn Daucher is the person that will be most affected by all of this.


I thought a mystery staffer did it without his knowledge. Now he did it but it was translated wrong. C'mon Tan, tell us like it is.

The perfect  Christmas gift  for soon-to-be convicted criminal Tan Nguyen--- Vasoline.

Tan needs to be tried locally for this hate crime.

I'm hoping that O.C. District Attorney Stiener throws the book at him?

I want him to do state time because I'm sure the Latino brothers will "give it to him" like it is.


Well, Jubal, here's something that WE CAN ALL AGREE ON:

It's pointless to "go with Tan", because Tan will never go anywhere (politically)...
Except, perhaps, JAIL!

I notice that most of Tan's supporters hide behind the "anonymous" acronym. If you truly believe in something or someone then stand up and be counted. Tan is an unfortunate footnote for all vietnamese americans as well as any immigrants who are trying to assimilate to these united states. Democracy is a double edged sword- learn to live with it and stop whining. My slogan for you is "BE A MAN TAN".

Paul Lucas

If Tan and van are not that close, then why is the Viet Bao newspaper covered with adds from Van and Tan together? I counted and have in my posession no less than three advertisements, and stories of issues and items that both Tan and Van are together on. A prayer meeting at a Budhist Temple ebing one, (Van is a Catholic) I dont know Tans background, and at leaast two advertisements paid for by the Tan for Congress and Van Tran for Assembly campaigns. They combined resources to pay for ads together. And they are not that close? Come on Quang!


One statement in today's press conference that was repeated over and over was "I did not approve or authorize the letter."

Last Thursday the statement that was released verbally and in writing was "I did not authorize or have any knowledge of this letter."

As you can see, the part "I did not have any knowledge of the letter" was purposely left out in today's statement (perhaps in light of the facts that the mailer himself can testify that Tan called him personally to expedite these letters, and that investigators have determined that the bill was paid for by a credit card that belongs to a close friend of his who used an alias).

Even though Tan never approved or authorized the Spanish-translated letter, which he no longer claims to have no knowledge of, 14000 copies of them were stuffed into envelopes and taken to the mailer. Then, he made a call to the mailer to make sure they go out as soon as possible. This makes no sense.

I think what he really wanted to say but couldn't verbally pull it together is that there were mistakes in the translation which he was unaware of, and that had he known about them, he would have never approve or authorize the letter. But here's a strange thing. When one reporter asked "Did you approve of the original English letter?" There was no answer. There was a brief moment of silence before his lawyer took over and steered it into another direction. Tan was tongue-tied and looked confused as if he did not expect and was not prepared for the question.

For the sake of argument let's assume that it was an honest mistake in translation. The problem still remain regarding the fraudulent use of CCIR's letter head. When asked about it, Tan tried to ignore the question at first but later gave a typical non-answer of "there are still investigation going on therefore I cannot answer these questions". I guess we'll have to wait and see what explanation he can come up with. And then there is one question that I'm most interested in but no one is asking: Who is Sergio Ramirez?

Although I agree with Tan on most of the issues, unfortunately he is incompetent and ethically weak to represent the people of the 47th district. He couldn't even handle the translation of a simple letter. Watching him speak today reminds me of high school class assignments. He has, in my opinion, committed fraud and therefore lost credibility. Contrary to his slogan, he has proven that he is afraid to tell it like it is when he cowardly hided behind the alias Sergio Ramirez.

Finally, I would like to say that voting illegally is a crime and those who do so should be punished to the full extent of the law. To those who condone & encourage it, my middle finger.

Paul, can you post those Viet ads if you have them?

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