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October 12, 2006


Jeff Corless

Cool. There is actually something political happening in my home town.

Immigration Taskforce

Jeff, there was an Illegal Immigration hearing in Tustin yesterday, Chuck DeVore, Audra Strickland, Van Tran, and Bob Huff were all there...you shouldda been there

Tustin is a hot bed!

What about Planning Commissioner Nathan Menard getting kicked off the commission for threating to shut down a KFC because they didn't let him use the potty?

Jeff Corless

Immigration Taskforce,

I am sure you sensed the sarcasm in my post. I would have been there, unfortunately, I have weekly class for my Exec. MBA program at Chapman, so sometimes I miss those things.

I will say I am proud of our Assemblyman (Chuck DeVore) for hosting a number of forums in our great town with Treasurer and Supervisor-Elect John Moorlach.

And, yes, Nathan Manard should have thought twice before dictating such a foolish threat to a restaurant, which I might add its parent company recently posted its highest earnings globally and is one of the most profitable chain restaurant firms in the world.

The last thing we need in Tustin or anywhere is more gov't interferring with the free market and capitalism, since that's what creates jobs and growth. Mr. Manard needs to revisit his economics book from high school.

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