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October 02, 2006


Rupert the Swan

Let's hope justice will be served. We must stop this Newport Beach resident, Carol Rudat from getting on the Orange City Council. Why didn't she run for the Newport Beach city council? I'm told that this is revenge because the late Steve Ambriz and Mark Murphy gave her hubby the boot out of town when he was a bad city manager. What a terrible reason to run for political office. I think Orange residents are too smart for her tactics!

Orange Squirt

Fact Check...

The reason Mr. Rudat was let go was that it was time for change at the CM level. Also, the vote as reported here on the OC Blog was 4-1 to let Mr. Rudat leave.

Rupert the Swan

So which fact is being checked? Are you saying Ambriz and Murphy were not two of the four or that you believe he was not a bad city manager. Has anyone ever heard of a good city manager being fired? This would be the first time in history!

About time

About time...Now this will hopifully get cleared up and we can call it a day>

Carol can move back to Newport where she will be happy and near the beach>

Time to face the judge Carol........

Guess the time has come for Carol to "tell the truth" about everything. I wonder if that is something that she can even do. Good for Steve Ambriz and Mark Murphy for getting rid of the dead weight at the City. A 4-1 vote is not good sign - wonder who the "1" was - perhaps it is a female running for office with the same consultant as Carol. It appears you have to see how close that relationship is - perhaps the candidate for mayor set Carol up to run in hopes to get a new city manager.

Guess we will know the truth in 24-hours. Wonder what house Carol will stay at tonight.

Disinfranchised Voter

This just keeps getting worse. Doesn't failed Registrar of Voters, Neil Kelley report directly to "Whodat Rudat?" And we thought Tom Wilson was selling south county down the river - the entire BOS is covering up for Kelley because they can't replace him this close to the election. Is there no shame or courage on the BOS.

Uh, just a note for "Disenfranchised". I went into the Registrar's office last Friday to pick up some reports. Door was open, people were working, how many elections now in how many months? Focus on your own insecurities and leave the good people at the Registrar's office alone.

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