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October 24, 2006


One who really knows

This is nothihg but a desperate ploy by the Correa campaign. Bade was a joke and an embarrassment as a GOP candidate in the 69th. He spent more time in the bars than anywhere else. He wouldn't campaign because he was too busy womanizing. He even invited two girlfriends and his wife to a fundrasier at Scott Baugh's house. The two hootchie mommas got into a cat fight and poor Bade's wife was totally degraded. I believe he is now divorced from his wife - who is a lovely woman and indeed better off without him. Needless to say, the looser was soundly defeated in the election. He's lost business after business due to his bad habits and is generally looked down upon in Santa Ana. He was also kicked out of Santa Ana and Garden Grove PD's for questionable behavior and a wrongful death (shooting). Bade has apparently cut some kind of deal with Correa in order to try and split the vote amongst Republican voters. He will get three votes.

i predict lots of votes for otto,,,all of carol rudats "neighbors" in newport beach, while over in orange voting for carol, will also cast a vote for otto,,,actual districts are so '90's

See you at Spanky's!

Jeff Chavez’s wives say Jeff is still on marital probation and is not allowed to run as a write in candidate but thanks you all for your support!

otto bade wants to represent a portion of central orange county in sacramento, carol rudat wants to represent the city of orange in central orange county, cassie de young wants to represent south orange county at the board of supervisors in santa ana which is also in central orange county,,,coincidence? i think not,,,,

Add Tan Nguyen to the growing list of wackos who have run for Congress in Central OC.
You mentioned Dornan and Chavez.
What about Alexandria Coronado, Gloria Matta Tuchman, and Lisa Hughes?
Looks like this is one district in OC where women are equally represented.

Pedroza's Boy Bade

Let's see Art Pedroza ran Otto's campaign and Lou Lopez's campaign and is now pimping for Janet Nguyen. I see a kooky trend which Janet should avoid.

Is Bustamonte the Next Bade?

In this ever growing list of kooks recruited or supported by the O.C. GOP I see a spot waiting for Carlos Bustamonte if he runs for Supervisor. At least Tan Nguyen had a half a million dollars of his own cash to play with but Bustamonte is D.O.A. politically speaking.


Nice blast from the past with teh Jeff Chavez reference. Well-done, Jubal!


I would not put Lisa Hughes among this losing bunch. She probably had the best shot of beating Loretta in 1998 except Tom Fuentes and the OC GOP backed "B-1 Bob" for the rematch. Lisa is the top family attorney in the county and she's currently representing Henry Nicholas, co-founder of Broadcom, with his divorce. Her husband Bob is also an attorney and a Vietnam veteran who I play golf/hack with occasionally. Plus Lisa has one the greatest personal stories I know. Both are good people. And no I am not a client.

Pedroza at it again

Pedroza's Boy Bade, Don't forget that Pedroza is also currently advising Ryan Williams, the newest embarrassment to the 69th for the GOP. It has been proven that Williams filed papers claiming to live at the same address as one of the central committee members when he fact he has never lived anywhere in the 69th and still doesn't to this day.

Pedroza doesn't just play lose and fast with the facts when he blogs, he also doesn't appear to care about campaign laws as well. Does anyone know if the GOP plans do to anything about this?

Oh and of course you can tell that 'Is Bustamante the next Bade' is simply Pedroza responding with one of his many anonymous names. Duh! That was real hard to figure out.

Art Pedroza


I did not run Otto's campaign. I was not involved in politics at the time as I was working on a graduate degree.

Ten Step Timmy

Tim Whitacre at 7:23,
Are you parading up and down your street with a cigar in your mouth and a bottle of hooch in your hand again.
Isn't it time you took the Hunt sticker from
elections past off your imported truck that caused an American to lose a job.
Have they kicked you out of yet another Army Navy surplus store, causing you great dispair and thus the nasty posting you leave in your wake.
Get help pal.

Art Pedroza

7:23 poster (Tim),

Why don't we ask Jubal to have a look at the IP address for the post you think I wrote, and compare it to my actual IP address? You will find it was not me. However, you post quite often in anon fashion. As you did here at 7:23. You posted this way so much during the Hunt campaign that you ended up banned from OC Blog. Too bad the ban didn't last.

BTW, the only Central Committee member that should be thrown off the committee is you Tim. You are busy backing a slew of Democrats against GOP endorsed local candidates in Santa Ana - you have told more than one person that you are not voting for our GOP Governor - and you are attacking our Assembly candidate even though he is half your age and he is a decided underdog. Nice. You didn't even visit him when he was in a hospital a few months ago after his appendix burst.

Did I mention that you cost our party over $40,000 in litigation costs when you sued us this summer? Perhaps this will end up in a movie - "I know what Timmy did last summer..."

Get a life Tim - and please take Tan Nguyen with you when you join the Democrats on November 8.

Pedroza get a life

Pedroza get a life - and get some help too!

Art Pedroza

9:44 (Tim),

Thanks for the advice. My life is just fine. We could all use some help - but particularly those who post anonymously, for apparent lack of huevos...

Something's Fishy


We are missing the point here. Otto Bade filed as a write in candidate to syphon votes away from Lynn Daucher. Why? What is the grudge with Lynn?

Rumor has it that Bruce Matthias was down with Otto filling the necessary paperwork at the Registrar of Voters? Can anyone confirm this to be true?

Who is behind Otto's decisions? Is this the work of Correa or is this work of bitter loser?

Art/Tim...stop fighting...WTF is the deal with Otto?

The perfect  Christmas gift  for soon-to-be convicted criminal Tan Nguyen--- Vasoline.


I believe Otto is running as a write-in candidate because he feels that he could win.

Nobody, (not Art , Not Tim, Not Bruce) convinced Otto to run as a write in candidate.

I believe that the fact that he ran against Umberg in 69th gives credibility to my prediction. Like this time---It's all ego.(Nothing wrong with this)

This guy will get some family and friends to support him and waste their votes---Maybe 126 votes tops.


OMG, you GOPers here love to blame just about every nasty thing happening in Central OC on Lou Correa and his SD 34 campaign! What is it about Lou that drives all of you nuts? Oh wait, I cananswer my own question... Lou's a successful Dem in OC who WILL BE OUR NEXT STATE SENATOR FROM SD 34.

I seriously doubt that Lou was in any way involved with this Otto Bade business... The campaign is too busy connecting with real voters to get mired in the types of shenanigans that are talked about on this blog all the time.

Art Pedroza

I wrote about Bade's decision on my blog yesterday - and I actually spoke to him. You can read the post at http://o-juice.blogspot.com/2006/10/correas-october-surprise_24.html#comments.

Reuben Ross

Just a moment, back in 2004 the entire Republican Community was backing Otto Bade for the Republican Nomination. Bade won the nomination without attending any debates, addressing any issues. We effectively crushed his opponent in that primary election. Are we all saying that we were wrong in supporting Bade? Who brought Bade before the GOP? Who was his Consultant? We can't all be wrong regarding Bade, could we?


I don't know much about Otto. But I'd advise all those who are in favor of Lorreta Sanchez to VOTE FOR TAN NGUYEN. HE'S PROLIFE AND OPPOSED HIGH TAXES.

Michelle Verlingieri

Otto Bade shot my mom's boyfriend in the back while working for the GG PD. I was about 4 years old (I'm 38 now). He shot him in the back for stealing tires and killed him. He could have just shot him in the leg to stop him from running, instead he killed an unarmed man over tires. I hope he rots in hell.

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