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October 31, 2006


Can't wait for election day

I personally can't wait to see the actual results of Election Day. Denis and Mark have my vote. But it will be very interesting to see where Carol ranks in actual votes. Can the Election really be bought? This is textbook precedent being set here. An inferior Candidate with questionable city roots and ties, spending an obscene amount of money. Can a seat be bought? This election will determine how much money plays into Orange politics.

It would be funny to see if Smith, Wayland, or Martinez all of whom spent much less money than Rudat, even come close to her tally of votes.

Residency in question again

I believe that while they are former OPD Chiefs, Romero and Duncan both are residents of other cities.

How apporiate, being endorsed by folks that don't live in Orange.


RE: "Last Wednesday, Carol Rudat loaned her council campaign $35,000"

…and along those lines, The Sheriff Union’s Political Action Committee (AOCSD) has spent in excess of $200,000 in Independent Expenditures in favor of Bates. Guess why the AOCSD is spending such money on a candidate – other than having great expectations that they will have Bates' support, as in the Bates’ 3%-50 pension plan!
On the other hand, Katrhyn DeYoung has the support of the Firefighters Union, but has not asked for nor received any union financial support like the Sheriff's union has given to Bates.
...for instance, the Bates' latest 460 financial reporting shows that she has stopped paying many of her bills. Itappears that she is "stiffing" her campaign manager Sergio Prince to the tune of $17,000 in arrears compensation. Same for other suppliers - wondering if the same thing is true for her sales collateral coming from the Orange County Register?

…And why Pâté you may ask? - Little bone in them thar Pâté

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