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October 30, 2006


Rudat -Crooked as a dog's hind leg!

I thought this "hit" piece by Rudat was a joke. Denis is the most honest elected official I have ever met and it took Carol until just last week to come up with this feeble attempt at a hit. Does anyone in this day and age think citys should NOT provide internet for the elected officials to communicate with constituants and the city staff? I'd like to see some of the expense reports from her hubby before he got fired as city manager in Orange. Some think he was as crooked as a dogs hind leg! All Orange residents should drive by the Rudat "Casa" on center street and ask themselves if they think that little cracker box is thier home or if they really live in the Rudat Palace in Corona Del Mar. Give me a break!

ousd parent

We all should be deeply offended by the practice that some candidates have adopted of lying in their candidate's statements or ballot designations. The evils of this form of deception were most notable in the bizarre 2004 election of paranoid delusional Steve Rocco to the OUSD school board after Rocco falsely claimed to be an "educator" in a school board election.

In the current OUSD election, candidate Chris Emami tried a similar lie when he falsely claimed to be a teacher in his original candidate's statement. As a result, Republican Superior Court Judge Charles Margines ordered that Emami's statement was "false and misleading," and further ordered that the statements identifying Emami as a teacher had to be deleted. In fact, Emami is a 21 year old part time walk on coach who lives with his parents and has none of the qualifications to be a teacher or a school board trustee for that matter.

Those candidates like Emami, Rudat and Rocco who lie under oath in verified official records like candidate's statements lack the fundamental integrity to be elected officials, and certainly lack the judgment to run our schools and city government.

Carol for Orange!!

I called Rudat's campaign office, (714) 288-0885, and told them if Carol pledged to never file an expense report with the City of Orange, then I would be happy to vote for her :)

Wanting Info

Does anyone have the website where the campaign finace papers are supposedlly viewable by the public?

Just wondering

Just wondering why no one has noticed the Orange Firefighters and Police associations have recinded their endorsement of Denis? That's a REAL interesting story, and much more entertaining than mundane expense reports.

Bilodeau Has Police and Fire Support!

Nice try Just wondering...Bilodeau had, has, and will have law enforcement support right up to next Tuesay. Nice try Carol!

Just wondering stil

Well, he may have their support, but he no longer has their official endorsement. The Orange Fire and PD Associations abruptly rescinded it since last weekend. Look for their new ads. It mentions an ongoing DA investigation. The fun is what it's about. Look it up. And I'm too polite and nice to be Carol!

Orange Fire Fighters Still Endorse Bilodeau

At no point have the Orange City Fire Fighters pulled their endorsement of Denis Bilodeau.

Denis is our endorsed candidate and he is true champion of public safety.

No! the Firefighters and Police no longer endorse Denis


Go to the local section and look at the ad. Denis has been pulled from the ad. So I would like you point out why he has been removed.

I like Denis and he has my vote, but you are lying concerning the endorsement and I wanted to point that out.

Web Dum Dum

I may be a dum dum, but check your web view einstein. Double click the ad, and wow, behold DENIS!!!

No! the Firefighters and Police no longer endorse Denis

Old, hyperlink. The surface page ad has been changed as of recently thats what counts. Why the change, I would like to know


I would like to see this 'so-called' tape. Any idea of when it airs, where you get this information from, or is this just another attempt at smearing?

No smear, it's legit

The tape is in the hands of the DA. It's disheartening that this story has been out since the weekend, and the media seems oblivious to it. In the big picture it's no great crime, but does display an amazing lack of judgment. It will be interesting to see if Finn and Wayland rescind their endorsements of Denis.

So the question now is if integrity is important (Duh!), then you can't vote for Carol OR Denis. Then who should be the number two, after Murphy?? Maybe Smith? Write in Dan Slater??

Reserving judgement

I am reserving any judgment until actual proof or veracity of these claims is legitimized. A police report, an actual video, none of these are availible. So until something legitimate comes forward other than anonymous claims, I will continue to vote Denis.

Bilodeau for Orange City Council

This he/she touched my campaign signs stuff is so typical of the silly season. Let's all stick to the issues and remember to vote!

Bilodeau for Orange City Council

This he/she touched my campaign signs stuff is so typical of the silly season. Let's all stick to the issues and remember to vote!

Carol's Dad

I'm voting for Mark Murphy and Darren Smith, I've had enough from both sides.

Police and Fire endorsements are a Joke

Police and Fire Endorsments are a Joke, they are put together by a select few in these departments, I think the public has the Idea that they take a Vote and this is who they decided to endorse. When in fact they NEVER ask the rank and file. Unforunatly the Public is not aware of this.


Media didn't completely ignore it--I've posted that a radio station, most likely KNX, carried the story last Thursday night and had Mr. Rudat talking about how his daughter had Dennis on film taking down a Rudat sign. And that the police & fire folks had suspended their endorsement as a result.

Typical denials and frequent posts on other matters so it went off the board. Question is why didn't Rudat make a copy? It's too late now to have any impact.

Orange City Mom

This family supports the Orange City Firefighters and their endorsement of Denis and Mark.

Rudat Done Wrong!

Bladerunner said, "Question is why didn't Rudat make a copy?"
Perhaps it does not exist. With the video of Dave Rudat putting up illegal signs they may have figured that the best defense is a good offense and came up with the other story about Denis. You would think that if it did exist a former city manager, #2 guy at the county, and father who supposedly had his daughter staking out a sign would be smart enough to make a copy before he gave the video to others. You can't copy something that does not exist.


Denis Bilodeau was stupid enough to get caught on video stealing a sign. It was right there on the ABC7 news at 5:00pm. Doesn't look like the Rudats made it up afterall. Alot of you peoples prior postings obviously need to be retracted. More importantly Bilodeau is now accused on another thread of lying to the cops about it. How can this man be trusted now? This is major trouble...Has he made a statement? What does he have to say?

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