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October 27, 2006



"living here does not mean being here..." has to be one of my favorite political technicality statements since "I did not have sexual relations with that women..."


"living here does not mean being here..."

Maybe she's been having some sort of out-of-body experience for the past 30 years.

Green Machine

Big Deal! So she doesn't live in Orange! Steve Rocco sits on the school board and he lives on another planet!!! LOL

Good Work Denis!

I'm so glad we have candidates like Denis who are not afraid to take on these out of towners like Carol Rudat. Knowing Denis, I'm sure they had to twist his arm to send out such a strong piece of mail but I'm glad he has the courage to tell it like it is. You will make a great Councilman Denis and you have my vote!

Good Luck Denis

Denis is a good candidate that is able to stand on his laurels and his accomplishments. I wish him the best, but it is a shame to see these attacks coming from such a decent guy.

Denis is a good man!

I don't see this as a "hit" on Rudat but rather a very factual bit of information of importance to voters in Orange. It's all true, it is simple, it is clean, and it is meant to inform. Thank you Denis! Orange needs you! Ms Rudat came keep dumping her own cash into her campaign like she did again today, but you can't buy votes in Orange Carol! (Maybe you could get away with that in Newport Beach or Villa Park but not Orange! I hope Ms. Rudat and her friends at Bieber don't stoop so low as to respond to this with something which would be a hit piece and not be true. This is a chance for you Ms. Rudat and Mr. Bieber to turn the other cheek and take the high road. That's always the best way to go. Kill them with kindness:)And would someone please help Mr. Eckenrode find a hobby? thanks.

Karen A Finn

living here does not mean being here..." has to be one of my favorite political technicality statements since "I did not have sexual relations with that women..."

Posted by: Seneca | October 27, 2006 at 04:20 PM

Geez Seneca, could you just stay to the point?
I did not hear Clinton in there anywhere did you?
I would not be so holier than thou; your side is not batting a thousand lately!

Rudat, like Cassie DeYoung

I have lots and lots of money, and I want to spend it to buy an election. Not because I want to do something noble, but rather, I need a hobby


Hewy, I agree Dennis is a good guy but please don't stetch things to suggest he's too nice to be sending out these hit pieces and needs his arm twisted. Dennis knows how to throw the high, hard ones and is not squemish about it.

Eddie Haskel

Listen, Carol is a serious contender, that’s why Denis is sending out that mailer! Don’t get me wrong, Carol is bad news, and I will not vote for her, but face facts, less than 30% of the registered voters will vote next week, and many will vote for her just because she is the only woman on the ballot for Orange. Less than 1% of the population from Orange read these blog sites and see what is shared. The Orange County Register holds some credibility, but not everyone reads the paper or believes what is written (do you?). So spread the word to you family, friends, neighbors, Vote for Murphy, Bilodeau, Smith or Finn, they are the only viable candidates, that DO live in Orange. Everyone in Orange knows what Mark Murphy has done for the city, enough said. Denis works for the water district and the planning commissioning, and would make a great city councilman. Frank Finn is a Santa Ana Police Officer, smart man with a good heart, and family. Darren Smith works for the County of Orange as an IT manager; he is well spoken and well liked by his community and the Orange City Council. I know who I am voting for, and it’s not Carol.. Inform the people, Carol is Steve Rocco in a dress.

Frank Finn

As a candidate without the resources and backing that at least 4 others in the race for Orange City Council (I have received donations of $699.00 and spent about $3,000.00 to date), I would hate to see this election bought by a carpetbagger. I got involved in the campaign because I honestly felt some members of the current council catered to a small, but vocal group at the expense of the majority of citizens and I want to represent the average, working families of the City. Mayor Mark Murphy is not one of those council members and he has my utmost respect and admiration. I still think I am the best candidate for the position, but realize that without the benefit of incumbency, prior political office, or financial and organizational backing of a political party that allows multiple mailers, and other expensive advertising, my chances of winning a seat in this wonderful town are not great.
That being said, I see my duty to the citizens of Orange as working for the best government we can have. Towards that end, I would urge any voter that shares my vision to not waste a vote on someone who apparently just moved into Orange (from a 3800 Sq.’ house close to the beach, near her office, to a much smaller Old Towne residence that necessitates a long daily commute???) in order to run in this election. Obviously, anyone who repeatedly claims to have lived in Orange for “most of my adult life” yet has registered to vote in Anaheim or Corona Del Mar from 1980 to April 2006 has a serious lack of integrity and character. I question what ulterior motives would anyone have to spend large amounts of their own money to run for office in a city that they have not resided in for over 20 years? Whatever they are, it can’t be good for Orange City residents.
I have been cordial towards all of my opponents because I do not believe in negative campaigns and thought I could rise above it. A lame attempt by the Rudat campaign to smear Denis Bilodeau using County expense reports has prompted me to alter my thinking. Her campaign has recently highlighted some expense reports submitted by Denis as the Director of the Orange County Water District and attempted to portray them as some kind of sinister waste of tax money. Anyone who takes the time to review the reports will see the expenditures were not some egregious waste of tax money on extravagant pleasure trips or personal expenses, but were in fact, legitimate operating costs for conducting Water District business. What is her point regarding the internet connection? Any business or government office must be connected in this day and age in order to communicate with customers. Anyone who stoops to such nastiness, pettiness and deception does not deserve a seat on the Council.
I hereby endorse Denis Bilodeau as the person I feel will best serve our City in the second open seat of the Orange City Council. Although I believe I am still the best candidate, if you are not inclined to vote for me, Mark Murphy should receive your other vote in this race. If I am not elected to serve you, these are the other two candidates I feel will do the best to represent all of us and I feel good government for the City of Orange is more important than my own advancement to the City Council.

Frank Finn, Orange City Council Candidate

Rudat is a Dirty Trickster!

Frank Finn said, "A lame attempt by the Rudat campaign to smear Denis Bilodeau"

When Police Officer Frank Finn tells you Carol Rudat is playing dirty you better believe it's true! Frank is as straight as an arrow and wears his badge with pride. We are all proud of the campaign Frank has run and hope he will run again when the timing is right for him. He could have just stood by and watch Carol Rudat throw mud but instead he did the noble thing and come to the defense of another honest man, Denis Bilodeau. God bless you Frank and Denis and God bless America!

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