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October 16, 2006



One thing is obvious. Union support is no longer the kill shot for a candidate receiving support from the OC GOP Central Committee.

How quickly that requirement is tossed by the wayside for a party darling.


Hmmm -- let's see. On one hand, you have a GOP candidate with a consistent conservative record in word and deed, and who is supported by a local public employee union.

On the other hand, you have a GOP candidate who simultaneously campaigns as a conservative and a liberal and seeks Democrat votes by denigrating her party, and who is supported by a local public employee union.

Gee -- which one should the OC GOP endorse?

Both candidates are supported by unions. That was not a distinguishing characteristic.

The public employee unions are scrambling, unsure what to do in the face of a conservative majority on the Board.

One thing that weighed in Bates' favor is that as a hardline conservative, she is going to stick to her principles when dealing with interest groups like labor unions.


Both of you posted rationalizations.

The discussion last month was how union support was automatically a point to refuse GOP support.

Now its okay.

And to the anon poster. I sincerely doubt AOCDS is putting up six digits worth of support for her principles.

Laguna Niguel Republican

This endorsement for Bates is great news. She deserved the Party's support. And shame on Cassie for talking trash against the Republican Party and our local Congressmen.
I'm convicned that if DeYoung lived in Santa Monica or San Francisco, she would be a registered Democrat.

Keith Carlson

There was no discussion that "union support was automatically a point to refuse GOP support" last month. If, by that phrase, you mean union support automatically caused a no endorsement. If, however, you mean it was a cause for concern or follow up, then you're probably right. And it still would be a cause for concern for most OC GOP members.

Union support repeatedly came up in questions by the Endorsement Committee. But someone having union support was not some sort of automatic disqualifier. At the subsequent OC GOP meeting, I don't recall it came up much, if at all.

In short, it is neither "okay" or an automatic disqualifier. It is, however, a piece of information that can be useful in deciding whom to support. I don't think anything has changed on that. (FYI, I was not at last night's meeting, so this comment only goes to SAC GOP's comments on union support/OC GOP endorsements in general, not specifically to the yesterday's decision.)

Could it be even coincidental that the fire union choose to support the opposing candidate of AOCDS?

Afterall, AOCDS has more to gain from a Supervisor's race than OCPFA does.

Perhaps, the OCPFA was not as interested in their candidate as they were in muddying the waters for AOCDS.

Could it be left-overs from Measure D?

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