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October 21, 2006


Gustavo Arellano

Cut the sanctimony, Mark: you're just as much a partisan as the Dems.

Mark Leyes

Ouch, Gustavo. I was just "FORWARD(ing) WIDELY." They did say, "Please."

But, seriously, what about a JOINT press conference repudiating the tactics and the perpatrator(s)? Reps AND Dems?

Don't you agree that the issue is too important to use as a partisan football?

Mark Leyes

Ooops. I misspelled "perpetrator." Shoulda just said "bonehead."

Big Slick

A Protect the Vote Rally from the party of illegal alien voters? Talk about chutzpah.

bat boy

This reminds me of the NBA player who is touched and falls to the court "writhing" in pain. Oh ref look at me..I was fouled!

Allan Bartlett

Forget the NBA bat boy, Soccer players are the worst actors ever. I think a yellow card is in order for the Democrats for "delay of game".

Powder Blue Report


Let's get one thing clear about your statement,

"But, seriously, what about a JOINT press conference repudiating the tactics and the perpatrator(s)? Reps AND Dems?"

So, now your saying it's okay to milk this issue as long as both parties are represented.

The fact is that you yourself have commented more on this issue than any other politician. In fact, I've seen your name on more threads then Jubal and Art Pedroza the last few days. If anybody is milking this issue you've bought the cow.

But, seriously how do expect the democrats to invite you this rally when you ripped them and Garden Grove candidate Benny Diaz with the Milking the Outrage original post. What about the Republican politicos that sent out statements---Were they milking it too?

The Democrats are playing your game Mark---it's partisanship. What's wrong with that? Everthing.


"A Protect the Vote Rally from the party of illegal alien voters? Talk about chutzpah."

Your invited too so bring your swastika signs so that those Latinos can greet you properly.

The name Raj is so gay. That also means happy you know.

Batboy is not position on the basketball court.

That expains why he doesn't quite understand that a slight touch while running, in the air, or taking a shot can have alot of impact.


Tan NGUYEN and his racist letter already received the red card. Worst of all, he bankrolled a half a million dollars to play a game that will now have one of those mercy endings.


Why is everyone making such a big deal over the letter? Isn't the letter speaking the truth?? This is not voter intimidation, it is ILLEGAL voter intimidation. Illegal residents are not allowed to vote and if they do, they will get deported or sent to jail. The problem lies in how we all interpret the word "immigrant." By definition, it means a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence. So in the case of the letter, I believe the writer's intention is to inform immigrants who are not naturalized citizens..because immigrants here in the US may not be citizens....so what is wrong with the letter?????? Didn't illegal votes happen before? We should focus more on getting rid of illegal voters...the media is crazy for creating such a drama..What is wrong with speaking the truth? (the letter)...How can the letter "suppress Latino Voters?" it's only suppressing ILLEGAL Latino voters...what is wrong with that????

Mark Leyes

Actually, there are two major things wrong with the letter. The first is that it purports to be from the California Coalition for Immigration Reform, but the group has denied involvement. Apart from the content, the letter approaches (becomes?) mail fraud.

The second problem is this: imagine the letter's return address was the INS. And it threatened to deport you if you voted. That is more clearly a threat. The letter was not from the INS, but the text of the letter said that PRIVATE groups such as CCIR could access public databases and crosscheck immigration and voting history - and that violators could be arrested and/or deported. Since the letter was from a group that supposedly could check up on you, that constructed a threat (albeit an untrue one).

Now, some may argue that the letter STILL only suggests that ILLEGAL voters should worry. But the idea of unwanted scrutiny for the simple act of voting suddenly raises the "cost" of voting. Some eligible voters might choose to avoid the possiblity of review (for whatever reason). That suppresses turnout and, if it was the intent, it is illegal.

Again, you may scoff. But suppose I told you that instead of the INS, the IRS would review YOUR records if YOU voted. Some may choose to avoid such misery. Remember, some people don't vote just to avoid jury duty.

Karen A Finn

Mark Leyes we probably would have a duo press conference with the Republicans, but look at the way you spoke against it already.

Ooops. I misspelled "perpetrator." Shoulda just said "bonehead."

Posted by: Mark Leyes | October 21, 2006 at 09:02 PM

Now you want us to take you a Republican who does not care at all about this issue seriously?
Please, leave that to the real Republicans who care deeply about this issue, and who really want to find out what is going on out there.

Debbie ONeill

What in the world is happening in this county? You don't like what someone does so you form a protest? Come on get a life.

Everyone wants to see there name in Print so if you protest you just may get your name in the paper look at Council Member Richard Chavez he was arrested and got his name in lights.

There should be some way to check to see if a person voting is an American citizen. So many people in this county carry illegal papers, phony social security numbers, to many companies in this county paying cash to employees. Is your housekeeper paying taxes? How about your gardener? ARE YOU PAYING TAXES ON THESE WORKERS? Or handing them a 1099 at the end of the years?

I have an idea?
Put the draft back in and watch all the illegals run back to there own counties.

Maybe than our health care system would not be losing money. Have you been to an emergency room lately? Or been in an accident and had to pay out of your own pocket because the person that hit you didn’t have insurance or a valid driver’s license?

Come on American’s wake up see what is happening around you.


Good points at 3:33.

While my father received one of these letters, he believes that it was insult that Tan Nguyen would believe that these 14,000 voters were so stupid that they would fall for such a racist campaign stunt.

He argued that Tan thinks these Latinos are stupid.

While I told him that this racist campaign stunt may confuse elderly hispanic voters.

I used a anology of sending a confusing mailer to Leisure World that implied that there would be no election this year. It would work at reducing participation but it would be wrong.

No Illegals

What the hell is wrong with reminding people of the law? That's what the letter did. The only thing wrong with the letter was that it said "immigrants" cannot vote when it should have said "unless you are a naturalized citizen, you cannot vote." The campaign should send out another mailer correcting the mistake but still remind illegals and non-citizens they cannot vote.

Elroy El

Put the draft back in and watch all the illegals run back to there own counties.

Debbie. I'm sure you meant "counties". FYI, undocumented immigrants are required to register for the draft.

See link at:http://www.sss.gov/FSwho.htm


Ya know, Tan was a democrat last year, this year he is a republican. Party membership requires no application or approval, everyone is welcome.

Don't blame the republican party for the actions of a former democrat. He may be a democrat again in a few months.

What he did was wrong, his letter was poorly written, and the responsibility for preventing non citizen voting is the government's not Tan's, not that they are doing a good job of it. Maybe they ought to start.

You noticed the box in the middle of the TAN article in OCR, where the investigation of the Dornan/Sanchez contest verified 743 non citizen illegal voters in that race?

Nobody is doing anything at all about that.

Inmate # 2973641

"some people don't vote just to avoid jury duty"

Then what say we exempt those who vote from jury duty?

Make those too lazy to vote sit around a courthouse all day.

Oh wait.

Never mind.

I don't want idiots deciding my fate.

In that case, Thank God they don't vote.

blow pop

Ya know, Tan was a democrat last year, this year he is a republican.
Don't blame the republican party for the actions of a former democrat. He may be a democrat again in a few months.

screech: and he should be a democrat again, because; either way he is guilty of a hate crime, as the governor put it. however with the democrats at least he'll get a trial.


It's good to see Loretta speaking up for the illeagels. After all she needs those votes to maintain her lifestyle.

Republican rally against Immigrant Tan


Maybe all the Republicans that believe this letter is wrong should have their own rally.

Let's do it at Garden Grove city Hall?

Patrice Lynes

Vote for TAN NGUYEN he is a true AMERICAN and stands up for America. His letter just stated the law, I guess there are some who are threatened by this. GO TAN GO

Patrice claims she is "telling like it is"  but talk is cheap when you can easily duplicate Tan lett

Patrice Lynes,

If that is the case and you truly believe in what you are saying, "His letter just stated the law" then I challenge you and all the other nazi members to duplicate and mail the "racist Letter" to the same group of Hispanic Americans.

But this time, be honorable enough to put your name on it.

I would love to see more nazi party members go to jail for violating both federal and state election laws.

Talk is cheap Patrice, but like you believe "its legal".

A little Chicken...What ever happen to people who not only tell it like it is but also show us?

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