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October 03, 2006



Nowhere in the mailer does it say what Measure M is. And nowhere does it mention that Measure M is a tax, the amount of the tax or the total amount being taxed.


sorry jubal...they're not tailored for anyone. voters in hungtington beach and rsm got the same mailer w/ the same picture. it's just a good ad that shows how effective measure m has been in the county.



Thanks for the info. Since they were landing in different cities on different days, and since the mailer I received shwoed a picture of a Measure M improvement in Orange, I assumed they were tailoring the mailers to various cities.

Allan Bartlett

I received the same mailer in Irvine today. I agree with Funny. The word "tax" is never used. Is it to much to ask from the pro M consultants for a little truth in advertising? After all, we are being asked to tax ourselves "temporarily" for the next thirty years...LOL. I also want to know who is funding these glossy mailers.

Powder Blue Report


"I also want to know who is funding these glossy mailers."

The Auto Club. And those guys who design lightrail and build carpool lanes.

Jeff Flint

I am getting on a plane right now, so pardon the brief response...but anon is right, all voters (high-propensity) got that mailer.

The city specific mailers drop in a couple days....

Allan - it's a campaign, we will file our financial disclosures in a couple days...but the top two donors are listed on the mailer as required by law. Look in the upper left.


Jeff Flint

Red - who are the guys who build lightrail and carpool lanes?

Jeff Flint

Red - who are the guys who build lightrail and carpool lanes?


Hi Jeff! C'mon you know who they are. First there's....

No, on second thought, I'll wait for Lurk to publish the list of public-spirited firms in a couple of days. I wouldn't want to miss anybody.


what's w/ the light rail talk? the auto club, who funded the this mailer in large part, is the same auto club that defeated a light rail in orange county.

Blog Junkie

I received this mailer in Irvine too. And something about it bothered me.

I have one question about the AFTER photo. Has this been photoshopped? I don't get to Orange very often, but last time that I was there, i don't remember a large open green space where the Orange Drive-In had been.

In fact I just looked at a satellite image of the area and it is/was a large paved area.

So is the sat image very old? Or is Measure M trying to make the area look better than it is? And if so why?

Blog Junkie,

The photo is quite old -- 1994 I recall. The artist rendition overlay to the photo was used to illustrate the not-yet-completed stretch of the I-5 North project, funded largely by Measure M. While old it fairly accurately reflects the improvements to this freeway. Good to know that you have just the one question. ;)


Red, there's a very long list of M supporters here: http://www.renewmeasurem.org/supporters.html.

I noted also that the return address on my mailer, 2 Park Plaza in Irvine, is the OCBC's office (where Scott Baugh takes space too).

It wouldn't surprise me if the AAA was pro-light rail as in theory it might uncongest certain areas. In practice, that's doesn't usually seem to be the case, especially where it takes out a traffic lane as I recall the CenterLine would've done. Then there's the "interaction" with traffic that light rail suffers as an at-grade system, typified by LA County's Blue Line.

Blog Junkie

Back to my original question..Is it really an AFTER if it is an artist rendition?

And no I do have more than one question regarding Measure M, but th ephoto was just the one bugging me at the time.

Some of my other questions include:

Do we really need more light rail? Does anybody use what they have already?

If you invest multi-billions of dollars into the 91, does it do anything if Riverside doesn't do anything.

And I also think that the renewed measure M will still have us playing catch up for the next 30 years. So if we do pass it, shouldn't it take us forward and not just leave us where we are?

They don't actually expect this to pass this election, so I am sure that I will have plenty of time to come up with more questions.

Jeff Flint

Blog Junkie/Lurk:

1. AAA was a leading opponent of CenterLine. They said (rightly) that it was an inefficient use of transportation dollars.

2. There is no Center Line or Son of CenterLine in the Measure M plan.

3. Riverside County is doing something about their side of the 91, unlike LA and the 5.

4. Who says we don't expect it to pass this election? We may or may not get a 2/3rd vote, who knows? But I can assure you that we are trying to get there this time.


The Measure M light rail component does have enough loop holes for another Centerline plan to be resurrected. As long as there is a provision in the plan to allow cities to compete for project specific transit funds, there is the chance of Centerline. And it only takes an OCTA Board majority shift in the next year that can make it happen. In fact, next month, after the election, most of the city appointed director seats are up for re-appointment, and with a little politicing by the pro-Centerline city members, the Centerline plan could become reality again. Buyer beware.

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