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October 16, 2006


Jeff Flint

Thanks, Jubal for posting this, as it gives me another opportunity to state definitively that the official "Committee to Renew Measure M" campaign did not in any way pay to appear on the Hometown Voter Guide, or coordinate with any campaigns in Irvine (or any other city for that matter.) I have spoken to John Duong, Christina Shea, Chuck Devore, Scott Baugh, and others about this on numerous occasions to assure them of this.

Both Christina and John support Measure M.

Hometown Voter Guide is a registered slate mailer. The asterick on the HTV guide merely indicates that someone paid for the Yes on M position. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it was not our committee that paid for this appearance. Fortunately, both our committee and the HTV committee have to disclose receipts and payments, so you can "trust but verify" if you like.

The "Committee to Renew Measure M" has one goal, to get 66.7% or greater for Measure M, and we have no involvement with any candidate campaigns in the County. We're ahead of that margin right now, and I can understand why local candidates want to piggyback on the strong support Measure M is receiving.

Thanks again, Jubal.


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