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October 27, 2006



Didn't Scooter Libby's novel has scenes of Beastiality in it? Bill O'Reilly's "Thoise Who Trespass" has lots of badly written sex scenes (the audio file, as read by the author, is hysterical).

BTW, Sen. John McCain wrote a glowing blurb for Webb's book.

Steve Frank

Which book did McCain put the blurb in? Is it the now infamous one?


Actually Cheney made a fool of herself.

First, if you read Webb's book, you will find that it was about American soldiers being exposed to "culture shock" in other countries. It was only one paragraph and, yes, McCain and Tom Clancy praised the book.

Cheney's on the other hand, is a sheer graphic description.

What was funny that she complained to Blitzer about what CNN was reporting. Hey, she can always do what her husband does and watch Faux News exclusively. She will never be offended, or disagree, just drink her Kool-Aid and be happy ever after.


Alex B-Z

The books are about Vietnam. They are fiction, but the fiction is based on what Webb saw and heard about during his time fighting the Vietnam War (while Allen was buckarooing on a Nevada dude ranch).
Tom Wolfe calls Webb's books "the finest of the Vietnam novels."
Webb's writing has been praised not only by John McCain but that renowned liberal sicko, George F. Will.

Elroy El

I've read several of Webb's books. And in interviews I seen of his in years past he detailed how his writings were greatly influenced by his experiences at the Naval Academy (Sense of Honor) and his experiences in Vietnam (Fields of Fire). I've read both books btw. And they are both very good. To say that any of us hasn't known characters of similar types in the course of our lives is to say you've been a shut in. I have met people who enjoyed being in combat. I've met people who were unabashedly promiscuous (of both sexes). I've met dominant men, dominant women and just the opposite.

More importantly. What do the fictional writings of someone have to do with their ability to govern?

If Allen's tactic is to smear Webb. It only means he can't run on his record.


I know Webb fairly well. Jubal had asked me to blog about Webb but I have refrained. McCain blurbed Webb's 2004 nonfiction book "Born Fighting" about the Scots-Irish. McCain and Webb were fairly close until Webb switched sides. It was rumoured that McCain would have picked Webb to be SecDef had he won in 2000...


Forget thirdy party analysis. Just watch the video of the interview between Wolf Blitzer and Lynne Cheney.

It's quite obvious who came accross as a defensive fool.

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