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October 31, 2006


Elroy El

Well Mark, I guess it might too much to ask you actually read sources like the LA Times, Washington Post, or CNN. But the rest have read a considerable amount about this story in the evil MSM.

Now what was your question again? If you're going to throw out a boogeyman, try and throw one out with some substance.


Kerry says his reference was to the people in the White House who led us into Iraq, not to the troops. Believable?

Mark Leyes

Guys, are you in denial about the entirety of the 2004 presidential campaign? And are you unaware of John Kerry's professional/political career since his abrupt departure from the armed services?

Kerry's disrepectful vitriol against the U.S. Armed Services did not begin with his recent comment. For reference, I would point you to the book "Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry." But his record speaks for itself.

Elroy El

And I could easily point you to Woodward's new book on Bush and Iraq.

Again, what's your point? Do you believe everything written in an obviously partisan tome as being the absolute truth about the individual in question?

Surely you can't be that naive. And I apologize up front for calling you Shirley.

One Who Knows

What does this have to do with Orange County? If we want to read about Kerry bashing (or Bush bashing), there are lots of other blogs out there willing to dish the dirt.

Let's keep this site local!

OC joe and proud of it

Kerry's words speak for themselves. He essentially called servicemen and women stupid, but what do you expect from an elitist like Kerry?. Now, on to more local matters...

Elroy El

He essentially called servicemen and women stupid,

Please point me to a soundbite where Kerry calls anyone 'stupid'. Now you're making things up.

Personally I believe sending our brave military personnel into a foreign policy disaster under specious pretenses is more insulting and certainly more dangerous.

But that's just me.

Will the MSM pick up the story (LOL) or must we rely on talkradio and the internet to broadcast Kerry's faux pas?

As of this moment (10/31, 3:47 PM PST), the Kerry story is at the top of the Google News aggregator, which links the story from 364 sites, including ABC News, The New York Times, and Reuters.


Alex B-Z

Get a grip, boys. He was making an analogy about the government, about America, being stuck in Iraq. We ARE stuck in Iraq right now. Every single American is stuck in Iraq.

Thanks for exemplifying so much of what's wrong with American politics today - pointless arguments about things people never actually said or even meant to imply.


I can't believe you're holding up the Swift Boat Veterns for Truth's "Unfit For Command" as proof; virtually every claim in that book has been debunked by official Navy records and eyewitnesses. Do you know howto use Google? Or Snopes.com?

the serrach says..

let me say, for the record. if you don't get into college or start on a career path, you might end up STUCK in iraq due to the malfeasance of the bush administration. now is not the time to be joining the armed forces. i'd prefer our young people stay alive or wait until we are actually defending our country rather than attacking others needlessly.


There is absolutely no truth to Kerry's comment whatsoever. The fact that the military has recently relaxed its lofty entry requirements in order to meet recruiting goals is purely coincidence.

No offense, Chuck.

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